Lili Reinhart felt "privileged" to reunite with Camila Mendes for Armani Beauty's Gen A campaign.

Lili Reinhart loved working on her new Armani Beauty shoot

Lili Reinhart loved working on her new Armani Beauty shoot

The 27-year-old actress posed with her former 'Riverdale' co-star and several other young Hollywood stars - such as Chase Stokes, Isabela Merced, Michael Evans Behling and Christopher Briney - in the new shoot, and she was glad to be around her "actual friends".

She told People magazine: "I guess it's technically ‘work,’ but it doesn't feel like that.

“Just to get to have experiences outside the confines of 'Riverdale' is always just really nice, and it's a privilege to get to do that with her.

“And I hope to get to continue to work with her in the future outside of the show, because we are friends in real life.”

She revealed that several times during the shoot, the group found time to bond and let loose, especially on the beach.

Lili said: "We were standing right by the waves, so the people would just shout, ‘Wave!’

"And we would have to run towards the house where we were shooting, [and] we were all either barefoot or wearing socks, or sandals or whatever. But it was fun.”

Her love for the products - such as the Lip Power Longwear Satin Lipstick and the Luminous Silk Concealer - made things a lot easier too, as she felt "really comfortable" shooting with items she uses "every day".

And while Lili prefers a "less is more" approach in her everyday life, she has enjoyed getting to experiment and switch things up.

She explained: "Lately when I'm going out and kind of want to step up my appearance, I will wear a nice lipstick, or I'll use one of the Armani lid tints on my eyes, then do a little bit of a smudgy line."

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