Sofia Coppola has been wearing the same make-up look since the 1990s.

Sofia Coppola has opened up about her make-up routine

Sofia Coppola has opened up about her make-up routine

The moviemaker has opened up about her cosmetics routine after teaming up with skincare giant Augustinus Bader to launch a new tinted lip balm, and she's revealed she never wears much on her face apart from a little concealer and some eyeliner in the evenings.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: "I use a little concealer - I have Italian dark circles, you see - and lip balm always. At night, maybe a little eyeliner.

"I’ve been doing the same thing since the '90s. I don’t wear a ton of make-up but I love products. I love the packaging. I love things that smell beautiful and I love taking that whole moment."

Sofia went on to add she isn't into the "wellness" movement, but she does enjoy hot yoga and facials. She added: "[I do] a lot of hot yoga on weekends, and when I’m not working I get massages and have facials with Joanna Vargas - I love all her machines, the radiofrequency and stuff."

The 'Priscilla' director went on to add she gets a lot of make-up and skincare tips from her teenage daughters Romy, 17, and Cosima, 13, who scour TikTok for ideas.

She said: "They’re way more educated, they know way more than me. They see it on TikTok."

Sofia's collaboration with Augustinus Bader launched earlier this month with the tinted lip balms packed with shea butter, vitamin E, and candelilla wax and coming in three colours.

The director previously revealed her inspiration for the three colours, telling "The dark pink is from a favourite discontinued lipstick I used to get at a drugstore in Paris, and the red coral is based on a colour I like when at the beach or in summer.

"The darker plum is for a deep colour that looks like deeper tint of your lips."

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