Wearing blue (like Kate Middleton) will keep you calm and scarlet (a la Selena Gomez) is perfect for a socially distanced first date: The colours you MUST wear to boost your mood

Susie Hasler styling tips

Susie Hasler styling tips

While we can’t get close to one another (just yet), the way we dress is more important than ever. 

At a two-metre distance, your full outfit can be fully seen and observed. 

So rather than trying to hide your shape away, or behind dull colours, it’s time to be brave and add a touch of brightness to what you’re wearing.

You can take one step at a time, or simply add colourful touches.

After two months in lockdown, we’re itching to get back to normal - and that has an impact on our mood too.

The fastest and easiest way to give ourselves (and others) a boost is, yes, with colour.

There are many clever ways that you can use colour to have an effect on other people. 

Colour can be used in a powerful, flirtatious or even reassuring way, depending on the situation.

Here Susie Hasler, who runs Styled By Susie which specialises in styling women on a budget whose body shapes have changed due to having children, the menopause or gaining/losing weight, shares the best ways to introduce colour to your outfit. 

What to wear for: A romantic (socially distanced) first date


Without a doubt, red is the most passionate colour of the rainbow - and one to wear if you’re keen to make an impact. This hue packs a punch - and it increases your heart rate and pulse - and your blood pressure. It demands and commands attention. So if you’re trying to grab somebody’s attention (either in person or over Zoom), this is the best colour to wear. (Think Selena Gomez in her gorgeous low-cut gown.) Although you don’t have to drape yourself from head to toe in scarlett! Think about subtle additions to your outfit if you’re not confident enough to wear a bright, block colour dress. Think a shade of lipstick, or a scarf or a pair of earrings. 


Pink - worn in the right situation - is seen as very girlie, feminine and even flirtatious (think Amanda Holden in her beautiful blush dress. And it’s a colour that evokes sensitivity and empathy. If you’re more girl next door than a sultry siren, this hue is perfect for an online or socially distanced date. If you’re nervous about wearing too much, pink can be worn subtly, like red - think lippy or nail varnish. However, be warned - don’t wear too much red or pink in a work meeting. Red can apparently be seen as aggressive, hostile and intimidating, while pink isn’t always taken seriously.

What to wear for: Zoom work meetings


If you’re looking to strike a reassuring, subtly powerful, stable and calm note, this is definitely the colour for you. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family hit the right note by wearing variations of the shade to clap the NHS. It is a great colour to wear for Zoom work calls, particularly if you’re in a managerial role. Blue instils feelings of confidence and trust, and during these worrying times, your colleagues or employees may look to you for reassurance. Wearing blue is calming, peaceful, yet cheerful. It is likely to look more impactful on camera than drab grey!


The most powerful colour, black (surprisingly) is perfect for outfits for work calls. It’s a sophisticated colour that asserts power in a strong way. There was a reason Adele chose the shade for her ‘come back’ photo on Instagram. It’s elegant - although I would advise to wear this colour in a well-lit room if you are on Zoom. If the home office or room you’re calling from is dark, choose navy blue instead which is softer.

What to wear for: Brightening your mood


Many people feel scared to wear yellow as they think it’s a colour that doesn’t suit them. But, in fact, there is a shade of yellow for every person! Experiment with mustard yellow, lemon yellow or sunflower yellow and see which one best suits your skintone in the mirror. Yellow is the most cheerful, happy colour to wear and it has an energising effect on those around you. This was the reason Davina McCall chose a vibrant yellow gown to host The Big  Night In during lockdown. It’s an instant injection of sunshine both to yourself and to others who see you. If you’re Zoom calling family members who are feeling lonely at this time, or friends who need cheering up, you will literally brighten their day as soon as they see you in yellow.               

What NOT to wear: If you’re having a bad day


Just like yellow is an energising colour, grey has the opposite effect - it’s an energy zapper! It conveys a feeling of gloom and depression. Imagine grey like the dementors in Harry Potter, sucking the joy from you! It’s a beautiful colour when lifted with pink, blue or yellow, but as a standalone hute, it’s likely to make you feel “bleurgh” particularly if it’s loungewear or an old hoodie. 

Susie Hasler, 36, is an award-winning fashion stylist from West Sussex

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