It’s a man’s world – in women’s fashion! 2022 is all about the "boyfriend look": the trend is characterised by items you might have snatched from your boyfriend such as baggy jeans, an oversized men’s shirt, or a loose boyish denim jacket.

Boyfriend Fashion image unsplash

Boyfriend Fashion image unsplash

Are you afraid a boyfriend look might be too tomboy-ish? Fear not, by combining the look with feminine colours, patterns, clothes, and accessories, you can wear the boyfriend look and still radiate femininity.

From top to toes: the boyfriend fashion trend

Let’s first get started by looking at what the boyfriend look really entails. The most prominent and popular item is the wardrobe staple: the classic boyfriend jeans. The iconic Marilyn Monroe was the first woman to introduce this trend in the 60s, but the trend has lived on through the decades and resurged for 2022.

Boyfriend jeans are characterised by a more baggy, slouchy look. Basically, imagine slipping into your boyfriend’s denim jeans in the morning, putting on a belt to help them stay up and rolling up the cuffs, so the legs are not too long, and you've got yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans.

The good thing is you don’t need a man in your life to rock the boyfriend look, as fashion brands have begun to adopt more masculine elements within women's wear and androgynous styles have swept the high street.

The trend isn’t limited to jeans though, as denim jackets, blazers, dress shirts, T-shirts, board shorts, and even shoes and hats can all be part of your boyfriend fashion look. This year, however, baggy denim jeans and oversized denim jackets with an emphasis on gender neutrality are a big hit.

Image David Suarez-unsplash
Image David Suarez-unsplash

Let your femininity shine

For those wary of losing any form/shape to an outfit, it's worth keeping in mind that dressing in boyfriend clothes does not mean you need to abandon all femininity. You can customise this trend by pairing elements of the "boyfriend look" with accompanying accessories such as jewellery, handbags or statement footwear. For instance, you can rock your ripped, baggy boyfriend jeans with a more figure-hugging crop top and pointed-toe pumps. Adding a floral print oversized boyfriend blazer can further accentuate the look with a feminine touch.

You can even take the boyfriend fashion trend on your summer holiday to the beach by wearing an oversized shirt over your favourite bikini or one-piece and a man’s hat. If you prefer more coverage or attire suitable for practical activities like surfing, you can opt for women’s board shorts with your preferred length. While longer board shorts are the archetypal men's beach ensemble, you can opt for shorter board shorts for a more feminine, relaxed look at the beach. Better yet, wear it with your favourite bikini top, and you can neutralise the hard lines of the shorts with the softer edge of maybe a bold bikini print or pastel shade.

You can also feminise your boyfriend look by adding accessories to your outfit. For instance, you could wear your boyfriend jeans and an oversized denim jacket, but add statement jewellery and a flashy red handbag to give your look a feminine twist. Wearing a touch of makeup and styling your hair will also help make sure your look is not too relaxed and baggy, but still super chic and stylish.

The boyfriend look is one of the best fashion trends, as it lets us wear super comfy, baggy clothes and still look stylish. By rounding off this super trendy look with feminine items, accessories, and patterns, you will rock the boyfriend look and still let your femininity shine!  

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