Most of us probably don't think too much about the labels on our clothes past the designer's name, but we really should be looking deeper into the manufacturing of our wardrobes. Sustainable fashion is the trend right now, frequently rocked on the red carpet by everyone from Emma Watson to Pharrell. Here are some of our favourite eco-friendly brands right now:

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

1. Ode & Rae

Enjoy guilt-free swimwear on the beach this summer, knowing that you are helping the oceans by wearing a bikini that's completely sustainable right down to the packaging. Items in The Luxe Collection are made from 100% recycled plastic taken straight from the ocean - which kinda means your saving sea creatures by buying a new bikini. Not that you needed an insentive with this gorgeous affordable range.

2. Alternative Apparel

Another affordable eco-friendly brand is Alternative Apparel, who make use of organic and recycled materials as well as non-toxic dyes and ensure fair labour for their workers. They also use oxo-biodegradable mailing bags, biodegradeable fabric softeners and even wash their stock with reclaimed water.

3. Thought Clothing

Being thoughtful when it comes to little things like buying new clothes is what Thought Clothing is all about. They make garments our of organic materials like bamboo, hemp, cotton and wool - completely very of pesticides and other nasty chemicals as well as being of high, lasting quality.

4. Outdoor Voices

It's nice to feel like you're doing something for yourself by purchasing activewear with the intention of staying healthy, but wouldn't it be even better if those work-out clothes were environmentally-friendly? Outdoor Voices do super durable collections made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and sustainably-produced Merino wool. They also use plus-size women in their campaigns which only makes us love them more.

5. Teatum Jones

They're a little on the pricey side, but Teatum Jones have a broad policy when it comes to sustainable fashion. They don't use fur, any leather and mohair/cashmere materials are taken from recycled offcuts, all fabric scraps are upcycled for new collections and tailored fabrics are taken from end-of-the-line and damaged stock at manufacturers to save them from hitting the landfill. They are aiming to make their linings 100% sustainable by 2023.

6. Naja

This lingerie brand have a Zero Waste Collection made from recycled bits of fabric, which even Emma Watson has confessed to wearing on red carpets. The company hire women, in particular single mothers, to make the products and provide them with healthcare benefits and educational benefits for their children. The best thing is, it's totally affordable.

7. Outland Denim

Outland Denim are committed to ending human trafficking and helping rescued victims get onto a sustainable career path. They wanted to produce quality jeans as the staple part of any person's wardrobe, and do so while supporting their staff in Cambodia with fair wages, training and development schemes. Plus, they source raw, organic materials for their products and are dedicated to helping the environment.

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