Diamonds come in many shapes, colours and sizes. Choosing the right one can get tricky when you are overwhelmed by the glitters around you in a jewellery store. Especially since diamonds come in a wide variety of shapes today, the choice get harder. It is important to have a vision in your mind to make a choice. When you have a wedding or engagement in mind, it is best to take as much time as possible to take the decision. Here we have some tried and tested tricks to make the right decision about the best diamond shape from a top jewellery store in London.

Diamond buying

Diamond buying

Decide the jewellery first

Whether you are getting a ring or a pendant, or earrings play a crucial part in choosing the shape of the diamond. Once you are decided on the jewellery you wish to buy, the shortlisting of diamond shapes get easier. For engagement rings, variety of shapes are viable. From teardrop to circle, from oval to square- the shape can be versatile. It will come down to the design of the ring so that you can determine the shape of the diamond.

Lab grown or organic

The type of diamonds also play an important role in the shape you choose. The organic diamonds come in variety of shapes but depending on the cut the prices can fluctuate a lot even if they have smaller carat. On the other hand, Lab grown diamonds are created artificially in variety of shapes. The price is comparatively less than organic counterparts even if you are choosing an unconventional cut. This is one of the primary reasons why lab grown diamonds have gained immense popularity and acceptance in the world.

Carat of the diamond

The size of the diamond also determine the size. Some diamond shapes can be difficult to create when you opt for smaller size. On the other hand, the weight of the diamond is another important factor. Some shapes of diamond like oval or rectangle require a wider bezel and ring width to support the weight of the stone. Overall weight can be rather heavy in such situations. Hence, it can feel rather uncomfortable. Thus, the carat of the diamond should also get considered to determine the right size. If you are looking for larger stones but concerned about the overall weight of the ring, you need to choose a stone as per this criterion.

Go to a reputed jeweller

It is essential to find a reputed jeweller to shop for the best diamond. They have a wider variety of stones and you can easily find the trendiest styles and stone shapes. Some of the best Hatton Garden jewellers offer you high quality diamonds which come in varying shapes and sizes. These stores will be the perfect place to look through when you want the perfect diamond engagement ring for your partner.

There are many trendy diamonds shapes to look for when you are choosing diamond jewellery in the twenty first century. From classics to daringly unique cuts- the choices get overwhelming. But with the right tips you can find perfect shape suitable for your personality.