By Montana Marshall, the CEO and founder, of The Dress Change

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Did you know that throwaway fashion is a huge problem with over 310,000 tonnes ending up in landfill annually? No? Well maybe it’s time to break up with fast fashion.

And yes, we all know breakups can be hard, but hopefully we can make things a little easier with our listicle on why you should choose quality over quantity when it comes to your wardrobe choices today.

1. Sustainability: Buying quality is making that conscious decision to be more sustainable. Sustainable items are usually well made by workers paid a fair wage and from responsibly sourced materials. With quality items, more thought goes into the purchase.

2. Longevity: Purchasing quality items usually means that they will last longer. They are well made and from good quality materials. Can the same be said about those half price leather-look trousers you bought online last week? Throwaway fashion is out, quality items that last are in.

3. Quality is the long run: Cost per wear is how much the item costs divided by the number of wears you will get out of that item. If you bought a fast fashion dress for a night out, you’d probably spend around £20 and wear it twice. This makes your cost per wear £10. If you bought a quality dress that cost £150, and you wore it 12 times per year for the next 6 years, your cost per wear is £2.08! Fast fashion may seem cheaper, but you end up spending more in the long run.

4. Find your personal style: Choose quality items based on what you love and what suits you, rather than the latest trend. This means you can create your own timeless personal style. Play with prints, fabrics, shapes and have some fun at the same time.

5. No more impulse buys: We tend to buy clothes on impulse due to sales, adverts, or dare I say it, boredom. Buying quality means you need to budget for them in advance and necessitates that you think your purchases through. All of which helps to keep your spending under control.

6. Reduces clutter: We’ve all had the problem of not knowing what’s in our wardrobe because it’s filled to the brim! This can often leave us feeling overwhelmed when deciding what to wear. However, if you move towards a quality capsule wardrobe, you will naturally cut down on the number of items and streamline your outfit decisions.

7. Love your clothes: Clothes are supposed to be loved and appreciated. Can you look at your wardrobe now and honestly say you love everything in there? When you choose quality, you can make sure each purchase is something you love, that suits your body shape and will wear for years to come.

Fast fashion might seem like a great idea, but in the long run it costs you more, with little longevity and often impacts your personal style too. Not to mention the harm it does to the planet. So next time you go to click that ‘add to basket’ button, take a moment to think, ‘is this going to last me for years to come and is it really me?”

When it comes to clothing, quality reigns supreme.

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