To celebrate National Napping Day, we take a look at the napping habits of Brits.

Naked napping is becoming increasingly popular

Naked napping is becoming increasingly popular

Incredibly, over a third of Brits are now slipping into their birthday suit before taking a nap as they believe it gives them a better rest.

Men like to sleep in the buff more than women, with 35 per cent saying it gives them a better sleep compared to just a quarter of women.

Interestingly, it was the over forties that were more keen to sleep naked with a fifth of Brits in their mid-forties admitted that sleeping in the nude made them feel liberated and helped them to get the most out of their nap time.

The survey found that those from Yorkshire enjoy sleeping in the buff the most.

Three of the county's cities dominated the Top 10 cities that like to sleep naked, making them the biggest lover of the bedtime birthday suit.

The Yorkshire city to come first was Leeds with a huge 45 per cent of its residents admitting to sleeping naked every night.

Sheffield came in second place and the historical city of York came in third place with 40 per cent of its inhabitants sleeping nude each night.

The other cities included; Southampton, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Cambridge, Manchester, Brighton and Glasgow / Edinburgh.

The sleep study also investigated which UK cities like to cover up at bedtime with Belfast, Oxford and Chelmsford taking the lead.

Just 12 per cent of Belfastians prefer to bare it all under the duvet and only 17 per cent of Oxonians nap in the nude.

The biggest surprise was Essex, despite its image of girls wearing next to nothing on a night out its Chelmsford which completes the top three list of cities covering up at bedtime. Only 18 per cent of adults living in Chelmsford will bare everything beneath the sheets.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said, "Our research has highlighted a growing trend across the UK for 'Skinny Napping' as findings reveal that Britons are not shy to bare it all in a bid to get a good night's sleep.

"Even our hotel staff have reported cases of 'Skinny Napping' - sleepwalking customers is a common occurrence in hotels and over the last 12 months, 98 per cent of sleepwalking customers have been naked men."

Researchers have reported that there are a lot of benefits to sleeping naked. The body naturally feels relaxed with no bondage of clothes and napping in the nude ensures the unobstructed flow of blood throughout the body, which helps in warming up the hands and feet, leading to a long deep comfortable sleep which makes it easier for the body to regenerate and repair itself, and build up energy for the day ahead. Also if you sleep naked with a partner it heightens the level of intimacy.