Your spiritual journey defines who you are as a person, your mission, and your destiny. It is an expedition through life's seasons that ebbs and flows. There will be times when your Spirit will be tested; the key is to remain persistent; this is where devotionals help.

Author of the book, Always Abounding, Taja Fox

Author of the book, Always Abounding, Taja Fox

A daily devotional is a religious publication comprising a daily spiritual read. It is a book for every believer who wishes to walk in faith and lead a good life.

There is one particular 21-day devotional that is creating waves through the genre of religious reads, enlightening people with every page; Author Taja Fox presents Always Abounding.

The source of every successful book is a strong premise. In the case of Always Abounding, each page and writing manifests Taja's evolution in faith and her perseverance through multiple tests in life. Despite facing loss and despair, she grew in Spirit and found what most people yearn to achieve: Redemption.

Taja quotes,

"I can say who I was three years ago is not the same Taja that I was before."

The beautiful thing about spiritual journeys is that you lose your old self in the process, transforming in the metamorphosis God has planned for you. He wants to unlock your potential, helping you become the best version of yourself. Taja's testimony proves we can redeem our mistakes and move forward with hope.

Taja, with her 21-day devotional, hopes to change the lives of Christians, restoring and reinforcing their faith in the Lord.

Taja describes the journey of writing as rooted in faith. Before even jotting the words onto paper, Taja invested significant time in meditation and prayer. Just like the rest of us, Taja, too, had her doubts. She thought her talents would fall short in delivering an ambitious and true book. But, the power of the Spirit and God's guidance led her to abundant resources.

Taja credits prayer with playing a pivotal role in finding her success. She always turned to Scripture for comfort and encouragement, reminding her of God's unwavering faithfulness and provision. She also connected with Christian book-writing communities online, where she gained valuable tools and resources to embark on this journey.

In one particular experience, Taja met a core group of wonderful ladies who gave her valuable feedback on her writing, encouraging her to publish her masterpiece. But then, life took a turn for the worse. Her sister's passing and the pandemic's onset made the entire experience daunting for Taja. The author also faced many logistics-related obstacles due to material shortages and shipping conflicts.

The delays were disheartening, but she ventured on, continuing to invest even more time into the project, refining the book.

Always Abounding is a testament to perseverance and persistence in faith. For writers who are looking to work on their own religious works, Taja also shared some practical advice:

"For me, there were many days when I struggled to write at all. What worked best for me was remaining flexible and adapting to the circumstances at the time. If I couldn't write, I listened to worship songs and researched other book-writing strategies that eventually inspired me to pick up where I left off. Getting an accountability partner and setting aside dedicated writing time also helps one manage their time and resources. No matter what I went through, I continued to do something that would work towards publishing my book. "

Taja has been working on several projects, including the Always Abounding prayer planner. She also plans to publish more books in the same genre and explore new ones.

Always Abounding is available on Amazon.