While most people are aware of their birthstone, not many are aware of the benefits of carrying them. From making an eye catching fashion statement to offering luck and even healing properties, here are our top ten reasons to carry around your birthstone.

The make an eye catching fashion statement

The make an eye catching fashion statement

Gemstones offer healing properties

For as long as gemstones have existed, there has been much talk of their healing properties. Different stones have different benefits: for example, garnet is energizing, while rubies remove negative energies. You don’t have to stick to your own month to feel the health benefits — simply pick what fits in best with your personality and lifestyle.

They have historical relevance

Birthstones have strong, traditional roots, with references dating as far back as the beginnings of Christianity. This shows that birthstones stand the test of time, making them an ideal heirloom that can be passed through your families for generations.

They can bring luck

Birthstones are traditionally known to bring luck to the wearer, with a recent survey by Joshua James Jewellery finding that 35% of people feel luckier when wearing their birthstone. However this luck isn’t ‘magic’ and does not promise to instantly change your life. Instead, your birthstone can help provide inner strength and offer guidance through difficult situations.

Certain birthstones offer protection

Many birthstones are said to protect you from specific dangers in the world. For instance Aquamarine is said to defend one against ocean dangers, whilst Garnet will guard you from nightmares.

They’re personal

A birthstone is the perfect way to bring a spiritual connection between you and a loved one. Whether it’s your partner, children or a loved one you have lost, carrying their unique birthstone can make you feel instantly connected to them.

Celebrities love them

Katy Perry made an impression recently stepping out in a statement amethyst necklace, while A-Listers such as Adele and Victoria Beckham attribute good luck and some of their success to birthstones. Birthstone jewellery can be both life altering and a fashion statement, making it the perfect piece of jewellery for celebrities and everyday folk alike!

They restore your cosmic colour

The key reason birthstones are beneficial to the wearer is to do with planets — specifically, the colour emitted by each planet and how this is absorbed into the earth. As the planet’s position relative to the earth changes, the amount of colour absorbed does too.  During the month you were born, the earth experienced a deficiency of a colour, dependant on which planet was furthest away. This results in a deficiency of this colour in your being. The shade of your birthstone is based on this, meaning that carrying or wearing your birthstone helps to combat this deficiency and restore your cosmic colour.

They’re a great talking point

Carrying or wearing your birthstone opens up great opportunities for discussion. A birthstone worn in jewellery stands out, making it a great conversation starter — particularly to others who understand their properties or have a strong interest in the zodiac.

They’re versatile

From carrying a loose, lucky birthstone in a pouch to wearing yours in a necklace, ring, bracelet or charm, there is a multitude of ways to carry or wear a birthstone, making it the ultimate versatile accessory.

They’re a classic yet colourful fashion option

Above all else, birthstones offer true beauty! With their historical past, vibrant shades and dazzling finishes, birthstones worn as accessories or jewellery offer the perfect way to inject instant interest and style into any look.