Pleasant surprises could sometimes come in small packages, and lovely Emma Kotos embodies pristine beauty. The petite 24-year-old model enjoys celebrity status across social media platforms where she’s active, like Instagram, where she basks in the euphoria of over 1.3 million followers and fans that are rotting for her.

Social Media Star Emma Kotos

Social Media Star Emma Kotos

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Kotos is an American bikini model and a delectable internet sensation. She kicked off her sterling social media career by posting revealing photos on Instagram, which got traction and went viral quickly, making the blond bombshell one of the youngest social media superstars today.

Today, Emma Kotos has built her reputation to a place where she has become a model of inspiration, motivation, and empowerment for many other young girls looking to develop a career in social media modeling and content creation.  In addition to a love for fun and happiness, Kotos is a fitness enthusiast and a nutritionist. She’s also a fan of traditional eastern practices, having begun yoga meditation in 2011.

However, entertainment was a non-negotiable aspect of Kotos right from when she was younger. “I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment sector,” she says. In addition to modeling, Emma Kotos is already pursuing a career on the big screen, having begun taking acting lessons over three years ago.

According to the bikini model, “that's definitely where my true passion lies. I've wanted to do acting my whole life, but it always felt like it was a tough industry to break into, even harder than modeling,” she explains.

With four small productions under her kitty and – hopefully – many more to come, Emma Kotos is looking to have better times in her acting career and keep the brand deals she’s got going. I loved outfits like Fashion Nova and Playboy.

To get a better chance at fulfilling her desire, the now fast-rising star says she had to relocate to a city that promised to make her dream a reality. “I knew California would be the best place to start,” she says in an interview. “So I moved to California when I was 18 and struggled a while.”

For Kotos, success and social media didn’t happen overnight. She’s been modeling for at least five years already, from when she turned 18 and had to move over to California to live with her sister. While living with her sister, she first began to get photo shoots and share them online to see what impression she could gather.

She said, "It took a while for social media to start building up and being financially rewarding."  During this period, where Kotos has been an active influencer on social media, she has been privileged to work with several established brands such as Playboy fashion, Nova, honey, bird debt (now cowboys), and many others.

Moving forward, the Seattle native, who grew up in Connecticut and traveled a lot as a child with her family, revealed she was primarily homeschooled. This was because she was picked upon and bullied as a child, leading to her deciding to get homeschooled for most of her life while going to school.

But even though she had homeschooled, Kotos didn’t think the idea would work for everyone. “I think it's better for some people. If you have a family who can be there all day and teach you and provide you the lessons you need, I think it's really good,” she says.

Concerning her modeling work, Kotos understands the challenges that many models and aspiring models face when they come into the industry. So she offers a few pointers to help others along the way and make the journey less tasking than it usually is for many young girls with dreams about making it big in modeling.

According to her, “My first and most important tip for anyone wanting to build their social media is consistency. It’s not something you can start with little effort and maintain and grow over time,” she explains. “Posting good quality content consistently will ensure you get your name and brand out there.” 

In the same vein, Emma Kotos says another key ingredient in the school of social media success is versatility and flexibility within the entertainment industry. As a model, Kotos also acts, making engaging content that her fans can’t seem to get enough of. So, for her, that’s something everyone serious about social media should take to heart.

Whether it’s photography or anything you find interesting for you, it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket. Entertainment is a very broad sector, and modeling is just an aspect. But suppose an aspiring model or someone already working as a model should get involved in other areas of the industry. In that case, they make themselves more valuable and increase their income opportunities by a good margin.

Another important key, according to Kotos, is networking because models will benefit more if they can expand their network and reach out to others within the industry for collaboration on projects. “Working with others who are well known in the industry is a great step to getting yourself out there and building relationships that can help you in the future,” she says.  

For the hardworking model, one of the rewards for all her efforts to get ahead in life would be to buy her very own property in no other city but California. Emma Kotos has her eyes fixed on becoming a homeowner in the no-distant future, and according to her, she’s already saving up some money to make that happen. 

“I'd like my savings to get to a point where I can purchase a house,” she enthuses. “I'm interested in being a homeowner as soon as possible.” And it’s all well and good. After all, as the saying goes, home is where the heart is.



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