With new research showing 68 per cent of people in the UK feel more driven than ever to embrace life and step out of their comfort zone to try new things, the team at Femalefirst.co.uk decided to step out of our comfort zone to try something new - what better than to take BMW up on their offer to use the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 223i, the perfect vehicle for the modern adventurer.

BMW 2-series Active Tourer 223i

BMW 2-series Active Tourer 223i

Kerb Appeal

BMW’s 2-series Active Tourer 223i xDrive is different than its bigger iX cousins, the Active Tourer has smooth less angular  lines. These smooth lines are balanced with large wheels and a metal, rather than blacked out grille giving it a refined and typically stylish BMW silhouette .

The interior

Active Ambition Learning a Language
Active Ambition Learning a Language

Behind the wheel of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 223i there is no compromise with plenty of adjustment for the driving position and steering wheel. The seats are comfortable and designed like the sports seats in BMW’s sportier models, offering great support. There is an adjustable lumbar support option available that gives even more support. 


The 2 Series Active Tourer 233i takes its design and tech from iX meaning there are few actual physical buttons as the majority of functions, including the climate control, are controlled through the large curved touch screen that combines a 10.25in driver display and a 10.7in infotainment system that includes the standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, DAB radio.

The driver display provides a comprehensive set of information and can be customised to show all the normal dials as well as other functions, such as the online connected SAT-NAV system which is as good as if not better than your smartphone.

To make it even easier to see that information, all versions come with a head-up display that projects straight on to a glass panel in your eyeline. Again, that can be customised to show exactly what you want to see, the only thing missing is BMW’s iDrive controller.

Ready to take that jump
Ready to take that jump

At the bottom of the screen are displayed the controls for the heating, so adjusting it only requires a quick swipe and no messing around with menus.

The wireless phone charger is a new design. You strap your phone in with a large push down bar keeping your phone secure.

Practicality is strong, it’s an easy car to get into and out of, and all round visibility is great. There’s loads of head and knee room in the rear.

There are three trim levels to pick from. Sport, Luxury and M-Sport and all come with a high level of standard equipment is generous and includes BMW’s semi-autonomous driving assistance and parking cameras.

The boot space isn’t large though the backrest angle can be adjusted giving an extra 90 litres of space. 


Active Ambition - lets conquer that mountain
Active Ambition - lets conquer that mountain

The drive is firm and assured and while at speed the ride is excellent, but at lower speeds due to the large wheels it tends to transmit the bumps on the road surface. Wind noise is noticeable at motorway speeds.

Steering is light making it fun to drive. 

The model we tested was a seven-speed DCT that when left alone the changes are so smooth and well timed, they are virtually imperceptible.

Safety: The car sports a long list of safety features including autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning as standard.

BMW 2-series Active Tourer 223i: The verdict

Active Ambition lets Surf
Active Ambition lets Surf

We took our BMW 2-series Active Tourer 223i on a number of long journeys from Blackpool Tower in the North West to Humbersides coastline, to Nottinghams famous Forests and back and one of the main practical considerations we take into account is arriving at our destination fresh and ready to take on your days challenge be it surfing, hill climbing, or even dancing in Blackpools Tower ballroom, and on this score, it delivered regardless of road or offroad and weather conditions.

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BMW have produced a sensible car then packed it full of the latest innovative tech and what they have come up with is a car that’s easy to get in and out with wide opening rear doors and good all-round visibility. It’s practical a quality that will suite many people. PHEVs also come in at below 50g/km, which is useful for company car drivers and those who want to help the environment.

The phrase I often use which sums things up is BMW and the 2-series Active Tourer 223i xDrive knows how to look after people, its passengers and finally we all agree BMW have once again delivered.

Get Inspired - find out how you can fulfil your ambition in the UK visit the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer discovery page

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