Although we may be being lulled by the late warm wether the colder months will soon be here bringing additional challenges to your driving and the functionality of your vehicle. Blizzards, heavy rain, high winds, freezing temperatures and snow can all be detrimental for your car, so it is pivotal to prepare your car for the winter weather before attempting to drive in it. Luckily, the guys at Design 911 have narrowed it down to 7 top tips to ensure your safety driving and the protection of your vehicle during winter conditions.

Motoring on Female First

Motoring on Female First

Replace worn out tyres

An essential for cold, wet weather is good gripping tires. It is important to replace any tires that are too worn out, as disintegrated tires can lead to breakdown in potentially freezing temperatures. Get your tyres inspected to ensure your safety when driving on icy roads. During this, consider your location and then ask your tire retailer whether you might need snow tires or chains to ensure stable and sufficient tread in winter weather.

Check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels

It is crucial that your coolant systems are in the right proportions before winter, otherwise your vehicle’s hardware can become overstressed and overworked. The best way to do this is by updating the antifreeze levels in your car to around 50% concentrated antifreeze to 50% water. Not only does antifreeze stop your cooling system from freezing, but it will also raise the boiling point of the engine coolant to prevent it from overheating.

Inspect your windscreen wipers

In winter it becomes darker earlier and rainy, so it is imperative to ensure good visibility. Whilst windshield wipers might not be your first consideration when preparing your car for winter, they can become hardened resulting in dangerous driving. Be sure to change the windshield wiper fluid to one with antifreeze in it, as well as checking the condition of your actual wiper blades and replacing them if necessary.

Always be prepared for breakdown

Whether this be accident or a simple stroke of bad luck, sometimes car breakdowns are unavoidable. Being stranded by the side of the road can be unsafe and hazardous in the best of conditions, so when freezing temperatures are involved it can increase the danger to yourself. Make sure your breakdown cover is up to date and stock up the car with essentials in breakdown such as a blanket, spare tire, jumper cables, flashlight, ice scraper, waterproof matches, energy bars and a first aid kit.

Regular maintenance

Winter can last plenty of months, so it is important to regularly carry out the checks on your car. Not only should the fluid levels (oil, coolant, brake, windshield and transmission) be maintained, but your car brakes, lights, windshield and tires should be too. Regular maintenance will retain the value of your car, whilst securing your safety whilst driving the vehicle.

Cover your car

Occasionally it is not safe to drive during winter due to adverse weather conditions such as blizzards, high winds or extreme cold. Similar to how you would like to be safe inside, it is vital to try and protect your car. If you have a garage, park your car there or invest in a waterproof outdoor car cover to provide shelter for your car during the winter season. In addition to protecting your vehicle from snow, covering your car properly will also be an effective deterrent from thieves.

Protect the interior

Whilst it is important to check the exterior of your car, it is also worth considering the interior. Invest in some all-weather floor mats to avoid stains and transfer from the wet winter weather to your interior. Clean your windows from the inside too in order to reduce the likelihood of steamy glass and guarantee safer driving with an improved visibility. Finally, regularly vacuum to prevent salt and sand from being ground into the carpet and damaging the seats.

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