- And Orlando how was it playing the bad guy this time around?

It was a lot of fun. When I sat down with Paul and Jeremy and they told me that my name had come up when they were thinking of the movie and the character of Buckingham - that in itself was exciting to me. 

He is not like a bit bad guy he is a little bad guy - he is more like a petulant child. I had a lot of fun with this character and really enjoyed myself.

Matthew Macfayden: It was hard to get Orlando to take the clothes off he was the Duke of Buckingham - if we’d have let him he would have gone home dressed like that.

- A question for the Three Musketeers did James Corden stay on script?

Luke Evans: He did have quite a free reign - he is funny when he makes it up sometimes.

- Did it become a challenge for him to make you crack up?

Evans: For me it was no challenge as I was a lost cause - I find it very hard to keep a straight face as James just cracks me up. Do you remember when he kept coming down the stairs? Oh my God.

Matthew Macfayden: We just gave him more things to carry.

Evans: Yeah he really likes to complain he didn’t like that did he?

Macfayden: He thought he was on some hidden camera show because on the first few days, just by coincidence, he had to carry loads of heavy things.

Evans: He thought they were going to be made of Balsawood, that really light weight wood, but they were actually antique cases with leather strapped to his back. It was wonderful because there were three of us so had to carry three sets of everything - which he did not like.

- A question to the Musketeers chemistry is a major part of this movie so did you spend a lot of time off set together?

Luke Evans: There is a lot of down time on a movie like this, on a movie of this size.

Milla Jovovich: Didn’t you guys do karaoke?

Evans: No we didn’t need a karaoke machine.
Matthew Macfayden: The German beer is called Vice beer and that helped.

Ray Stevenson: It was the glue that bonded us together.

Evans: No we spent a lot of time hanging out, especially when you are on location because there are no trailers to go back to so we had little green rooms where we sat and chatted.

- It is quite a physical movie with plenty of fight scenes so did you find yourselves trying to out-do one another - did it get a bit macho?

Ray Stevenson: Actually we found ourselves staying on set, when we were shooting the big Cooper’s Yard fight, we would stay around to watch and cheer each other on because we were delighted at what the others were doing as well.

Matthew Macfayden:  We spent ten days doing that first fight and it was the first thing that we shot.

Luke Evans: There was so much to learn and we were put through a very intense boot camp for about four weeks.

Stevenson: And to see Logan throwing himself around as well - but it was great. You were so on top of the fight itself that you could enjoy it and you find yourself cheering the others on. You could just relish it and we were looking around and were like ‘We are actually in the Musketeers’.

Evans: We were all very proud of ourselves.

Stevenson: This film was one of those joyous films to be one and it comes from the top, it comes from Jeremy and from Paul, and that enthusiasm is just infectious and it just lit up everyone - not just the cast but the crew as well.

Everyone felt some kind of ownership and pride in this movie and just enjoyed it - there was a lot of work, any movie will beat up, but this movie paid dividence every single day.

Milla Jovovich: Well I can argue that actually because none of you were there for my fight scenes (laughs).
Matthew Macfayden: You screwed us over. You broke my heart (laughs).

Three Musketeers is released 12th October. Read the first part of the interview here.

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