Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Idris Elba has praised Kenneth Branagh for casting him in Thor and looking past the colour of his skin.

The British actor takes on the role of Norse god Heimdall in the new Marvel Comic movie, which Branagh directs, and admits that he is very proud to have been a part of the project.

Speaking to The Guardian the actor said: "When Kenneth asked me to be part of it, I did find myself questioning race.

"But Kenneth hadn't even given that a thought. He just needed an actor who has presence and command, and felt that I fitted the bill.

"It was so refreshing - and a testament to him as an actor and director that his casting was genuinely colour blind.

"I feel very proud of being part of that movie."

Elba has mixed and matched his roles in recent years moving from American series The Wire to British show Luther.

But with his TV work he has also worked on movies such as RocknRolla and Obsessed. Talking about his new role he said.

"It's different from anything else I've done; but at the same time, it's been pointed out to me that here I am playing a central, solid figure again - the one that people should trust.

"Take [The Wire's Stringer Bell] or Luther - that seems to be a common denominator in the characters I play."

Thor is released 27th April.

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