Shoppers in Covent Garden found themselves mingling with some of Hollywood's most famous characters as the Miramax film studio took over HMV in and around London's Covent Garden last week.Iconic scenes from four of Miramax's most-loved movies - Pulp Fiction, Chicago, Scream and Clerks - were brought to life in-store to entertain unsuspecting shoppers and whet fans' appetites for some the groundbreaking films that have defined movie-making in recent years. Combining the witty banter of Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and the glitz and glamour of Chicago with the comedy drama of Clerks and the spine-tingling horror of Scream, the Miramax performances featured actors from the renowned Teatro Vivo theatre company which uses unusual, non-theatre spaces to bring to life unique interpretations of established classics. The impromptu performances marked a new nationwide promotion of the Miramax DVD back catalogue which has been newly repackaged to give the modern classics a stylish and contemporary new look - ideal for both dedicated fans and newcomers alike. Covent Garden shoppers could also get in on the act right in the heart of theatre land. Visitors to the store on King Street were given the opportunity to get their hands on free DVDs if they played along and helped to re-enact the famous scenes themselves.