Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke has heaped praise on director JJ Abrams admitting that it was 'awesome' to get to work with him.

The British actor lined up alongside Simon Pegg and Chris Pine in the Star Trek sequel, which has just finished filming, and Clarke admits that he learnt so much from working with the filmmaker.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph the actor said: "He's an awesome man, a genius, very funny and very sharp.  

"He's a sci-fi head like me, and I love his work. He's very smart and someone you can aspire to be, and learn from. That's what I did."

It is not known which character Clarke is set to play in the movie - and the actor was not for telling - but he revealed that the movie is going to be one great ride.  

"You can expect JJ Abrams to have directed another genius movie. You can expect to see Simon Pegg and the regular cast, and you can expect another thrilling ride," he said.  

"I can't tell you anything more, not in the slightest, or you could be beamed away."

And we are going to be seeing Clarke back on the big screen this week with his new movie Storage 24, and this comes hot off the heels of Fast Girls.

The Star Trek sequel is set for a My 17th 2013 release

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