Robert Redford is set to return to the big screen this September as he takes on the role of writer Bill Bryson in new comedy a Walk In The Woods.

A Walk In The Woods

A Walk In The Woods

A Walk In The Woods is based on the memoir by Bryson and sees the author set on to walk the Appalachian Trail in a bid to reconnect with his homeland after living in the UK for twenty years.

A Walk In The Woods looks set to be a movie about returning to your roots, as well as friendship and family, and promises to be a terrific adventure. The brand new trailer for the film has been released and we have it for you to take a look at:

A terrific cast has been assembled for the film, as Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson, and Mary Steenburgen all star alongside Redford, while Ken Kwapis is back in the director's chair.

Kwapis has brought us movies such as The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, and He's Just Not That into You during his career but A Walk In The Woods is his first feature film since Big Miracle back in 2012. Bill Holderman and Rick Kerb are also on board, having adapted Bryson's book into a screenplay.

Upon his arrival back in the United States following two decades in the UK, Bryson wants to find a way to reconnect with his homeland. Impulsively he decides to hike a section of the longest continuous footpath in the world, The Appalachian Trail, 1000 arduous miles stretching from Maine to Georgia, an expedition men half his age struggle to complete.

Fearing for his life, his wife Cathy (Thompson) refuses to allow him to do a solo trek but is unsuccessful in persuading any of his friends to accompany him. When his old buddy Katz (Nolte), a crude, overweight, recovering alcoholic, calls him out of the blue and offers to accompany him, Bryson has no choice other than to accept.

Thus begins an adventure as they encounter weird and wonderful characters and face hilarious trials and tribulations along the way. The men gamely persevere and together they learn that some roads are better left untravelled.

A Walk In The Woods is released 18th September.

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