Alan Ruck is to star in 'Crust'.

Alan Ruck is to star in 'Crust'

Alan Ruck is to star in 'Crust'

The 66-year-old actor is set to feature opposite Sean Whalen in the horror comedy film that is being directed by the latter in his feature debut.

The duo previously collaborated on the hit 1996 disaster epic 'Twister' alongside Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.

'Crust' tells the story of lonely laundromat owner Vegas Winters (Whalen), who keeps the leftover socks from customers and uses them to clean himself.

After being abused he weeps into the pile of socks, which turns into a creature who seeks revenge on Vegas' enemies.

Ruck will play the role of Randy Roberts, a cocky former child star who is spearheading a reboot of the shows that made him famous.

Daniel Roebuck, Rebekah Kennedy, Shawntay Dalon, Felissa Rose, Ricky Dean Logan and Daniel John Kearney have also been cast in the flick.

Whalen, Rose, Logan and Kearney are all involved as producers on the movie that will begin production in Los Angeles in April.

Alan played the role of Cameron Frye in the 1986 teen comedy film 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', which starred Matthew Broderick in the title role, but revealed that he was initially considered to be too old for the part until movie bosses discovered his cherubic features.

The 'Succession' actor said: "At first the casting directors didn't want to see me because I was too old, 28.

"But then they saw Matthew and me on stage and realised our friendship was natural. Also, I looked like a baby."