Alicia Vikander hopes that her performance in 'Firebrand' makes people more aware of Katherine Parr.

Alicia Vikander didn't know much about Katherine Parr before Firebrand

Alicia Vikander didn't know much about Katherine Parr before Firebrand

The 35-year-old actress plays the sixth and final wife of Henry VIII in the historical drama and admitted that she knew little about the Tudor widow before taking the part in Karim Ainouz's film.

Alicia told the Just for Variety podcast: "I must confess, I almost felt a bit embarrassed when I was sent the script because I think if I knew anything, it was probably more about the wives that didn't make it.

"I was, in one way, sad. But then I realised speaking to other people, it seemed like that was the general feel for most, that we have the least knowledge about this woman who actually did survive X amount of years living with this man, and even outlived him."

Jude Law portrays Henry VIII in the movie and Alicia recalled how he had to break from character as the production went on.

The 'Tomb Raider' star said: "I think he stayed within that character a bit more in the beginning, the first week maybe, to just feel what it's like... The beard, too – that takes up a big space.

"But when we got further into the shooting, actually started to do some of the more tough scenes, then you needed a break from it, to have a little breather before you do the next deep dive."

The film focuses on Parr's turbulent relationship with the Tudor monarch and she thinks that her character needed to stay with Henry VIII to "justify her existence".

Vikander explained: "She had to create a relationship with this man.

"I think, if anything, she maybe loved the monarch and the king, because from reading her texts, she feels it's a role that she sees herself within, almost like she's been chosen by God to become a queen."