Robert Rodriguez already wants to make a sequel to 'Spy Kids: Armageddon'.

Robert Rodriguez intends to make more 'Spy Kids' films

Robert Rodriguez intends to make more 'Spy Kids' films

The 55-year-old director has helmed the fifth movie in the popular franchise that has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years and has plans to make another flick –although he is constrained by the amount of time that the younger cast members are available for filming.

Robert told Collider: "I always want to make one pretty quickly, but you really can't film them until the summertime because the kids have to do schooling no matter what, but they have more school that age during the non-summer break.

"You would only get them for an hour or two on set. You get them for about four or five hours on summer break, so it's a little easier to film them. That would be great."

The 'Alita: Battle Angel' director added: "The first 'Spy Kids' series we had a movie in the theatre every year for three years straight for 'Spy Kids' 1, 2, and 3. They were consecutive."

Robert co-wrote the script for the film with his son Racer Rodriguez and says that family is at the heart of the series.

He said: "Over the years, on the other 'Spy Kids' films, my siblings worked on them. So it was always a family franchise. It's the only film series in existence that's actually made by a family for other families, and we wanted to keep that going.

"My kids, though, they started off doing stunts and acting in the first films because they were little. Now they're the age I was when I made 'Mariachi' and 'Desperado'.

"One's a composer, one's a co-writer, one designs the video game within it, one sings the end titles and designs the emojis on the thought bubble, (and) one co-edits."

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