In the midst of all the popular and highly-anticipated movies releasing this year (2022), some films that will be landing in cinemas have been delayed by months, even years (such as Top Gun: Maverick), and Brad Pitt’s newest film is joining them. 

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train / Picture Credit: Sony Pictures

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train / Picture Credit: Sony Pictures

Bullet Train is Pitt’s next cinematic venture, but the title will be releasing later than expected. 

Sony has recently revealed that Bullet Train will be delayed by a week, and will now release on August 5th, 2022, as opposed to July 29th, 2022, as originally planned; no explanation has been given for this delay, however. 

The movie, which is based on a Japanese novel titled Maria Beetle, sees Pitt’s character, who is a trained killer, have the fight of his life on a bullet train that is heading to Kyoto from Tokyo, Japan. 

Pitt is, of course, a huge name in Hollywood, after appearing in films such as Fight Club, World War Z, and more recently the actor had a cameo in The Lost City

Pitt isn’t the only recognisable face in this feature however; Bullet Train also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Brian Tyree Henry, and Sandra Bullock. 

While a delay of a week may not seem like a big deal, this is the film’s fourth release date change. Bullet Train was originally slated to release on April 8th, but was then pushed back to July 15th, then July 29th, and finally August 5th, all of which taking place this year. 

Despite delays, moviegoers still seem pretty excited to watch the movie, as it has been revealed to be the ninth most anticipated film of the summer, so August may be the best time for the feature to hit cinemas. 

August appears to be home to smaller budget and more independent releases, suggesting that Bullet Train will be the hit of that month. 

Bullet Train will be in cinemas on August 5th, 2022 (if no other delays occur). 

Watch the trailer for Bullet Train below:

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