In a video posted to Instagram two days ago, star of Extraction 2 Chris Hemsworth celebrates the fact that the upcoming movie has finally finished filming. 

Chris Hemsworth in the original Extraction, which released in 2020 / Picture Credit: Netflix

Chris Hemsworth in the original Extraction, which released in 2020 / Picture Credit: Netflix

Extraction was a 2020 Netflix release, which became extremely popular rather quickly. In fact, it was the biggest Netflix film ever (at that point), so it was only a matter of time until a sequel was announced. 

Now, it has been shared by Hemsworth, who notably plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), that Extraction 2 has finished shooting; the actor also reminisces about filming difficulties and the fond memories of production. 

Hemsworth posted the video with a caption that began with ‘That’s a wrap ! Another Extraction film down', which has received positive comments from not only fans, but other actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, and fellow MCU actor Jeremy Renner. 

See the post below: 

The actor also thanks all the cast and crew for their amazing work on Extraction 2, which is set in a complete opposite landscape to the previous film. 

Despite details on the film’s plot still being kept under wraps, we can perhaps assume that Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake will have yet another impossible task to complete. 

At the end of the 2020 film, Rake was badly hurt and, seemingly left for dead. We can expect the upcoming sequel to explain how the character survived being shot, subsequently falling from a bridge into water. 

If the sequel is to be as impressive as the first, the same thrilling action will need to be injected, as well as another brilliant narrative to lead Rake into some unbelievable situations. 

The feature is, despite having no release date, thought to be released towards the end of this year (2022). 

Joining Hemsworth for Extraction 2, is Tinatin Dalakishvili, Adam Bessa, Patrick Newall, Rayna Campbell, and Armen Grayg. 

Check out a re-cap of the ending for 2020’s Extraction below: 

Hemsworth is in for a busy 2022, as not only should Thor: Love and Thunder be releasing this year, as well as his role in Furiosa as the villain, and of course Extraction 2. 

If Thor 4 is to be the actor’s last dance as the God of Thunder, then that may free up more of his schedule to play Rake again, and begin another franchise... 

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