Claire Foy was "embarrassingly excited" to be in 'All of Us Strangers' with Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal and Jamie Bell.

Claire Foy was surrounded by her favourite actors in All of Us Strangers

Claire Foy was surrounded by her favourite actors in All of Us Strangers

The 39-year-old star features in Andrew Haigh's tear-jerking romantic fantasy film and explained how she had to "rein it in" working with her co-stars.

Claire told IndieWire: "I got to tick off a lot of my bucket list actors in this.

"I was embarrassingly excited to be in the film with the three of them. I wasn't a fan girl! I managed to rein it in. There were some definitely very exciting days."

Claire had particular praise for 'Billy Elliot' star Jamie and was desperate for him to join the cast after learning that he had been approached by the director.

'The Crown' actress explained: "When I heard that Andrew was going to offer it to Jamie, I was just like, oh, my God, I wish I didn't know that because now if he says no I'll just be bereft.

"He's instantly such an open, emotional, kind, funny, just brilliant person. It was instant. I was like, he's elite. He's so not a letdown as a person. If anything, he's just better."

The movie stars Scott as gay writer Adam, who begins a relationship with enigmatic neighbour Harry (Mescal) that helps him overcome the death of his parents (played by Foy and Bell) and she praised Haigh for the authentic move of shooting scenes in his childhood home.

Claire said: "It added an element of authenticity to it that was already there in the writing. We didn't need it, but that really worked. The house was a very familiar house to me in the sense that I know people who lived in houses exactly like that.

"Definitely it felt very personal, but it felt personal anyway, because it's a small cast. It was a very personal film to me as well, being a mother, being a child of parents, we all are. That's why he's so clever."