Daisy Edgar-Jones is no longer starring in the Carole King biopic 'Beautiful'.

Daisy Edgar-Jones is no longer part of the cast for Beautiful

Daisy Edgar-Jones is no longer part of the cast for Beautiful

It was announced in 2022 that the 'Normal People' star hand landed the role of the celebrated singer-songwriter in the picture but she has now confirmed that the project has fallen through.

Daisy told Variety: "That’s no longer happening. I love Carole and I love that story, but it was a year ago that they decided [to no longer pursue it].

"I did learn a lot of piano. I think it’s a gorgeous story, and the script probably needs a little more time in the oven."

Despite the film failing to come to fruition, Daisy did explain how she got to meet the 'It's Too Late' singer on a Zoom call.

The British actress continued: "I did meet Carole King on Zoom, and I was like, 'This is the coolest thing ever.' She really enjoyed 'Normal People', so she was a fan of that and I was a fan of hers.

"I get so starstruck by musicians, much more than actors, and Carole was one where it was quite hard to keep my cool."

Although Edgar-Jones claimed that the film is no longer happening, sources told Variety that a movie is still in development without her involvement.

Daisy's latest film role is in the disaster flick 'Twisters' – a sequel to the 1996 film 'Twister' – and she explained how she had a great time working with co-star Glen Powell.

Speaking about working with the actor, she told Hello! magazine: "Glenn came to the premiere of 'Fresh' a few years ago – I met him then and he was lovely.

"I was so excited when they were thinking about who to cast for Tyler and I was like, 'Glen is the one.' He's just the loveliest person and we just had so much fun, we had such a great laugh the whole time."