George Miller is planning more 'Mad Max' films.

George Miller has hinted at more Mad Max stories

George Miller has hinted at more Mad Max stories

The 79-year-old filmmaker spent more than a decade working on prequel 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga', his fifth movie in the franchise across a 45-year period and he admitted there are "certainly" other stories he wants to tell featuring the same characters.

He told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival: “There are certainly other stories there. Mainly because in order to tell the story of Fury Road, we had to know the backstory of Furiosa and Max in the year before.

“That was a tool for the cast and crew. We know the Max story from the year before. I’ll definitely wait to see how this ['Furiosa'] goes, before we even think about it.”

George admitted he's amazed the franchise has been able to keep going for so long but he'd never have done so if he was just "repeating" the same story.

He said: “If you are just repeating what you’ve done, there’s no appetite to do that.

“I’ve often wondered, ‘Am I crazy?’ Then I realize I’m driven by my curiosity. I feel that I’m learning.”

George recently admitted he opted to cast Anya Taylor-Joy as a younger version of the title character as he wasn't impressed by the use of de-ageing technology that has been used in films such as Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' and Ang Lee's 'Gemini Man' so didn't feel he could bring back Charlize Theron.

He told Variety: "Both of them were masterful directors, but it was never persuasive.

"I thought all people would be watching is Charlize looking young and knowing it's an effect."

The director has always been interested in the use of technology in cinema – as shown in films such as 'Babe' and 'Happy Feet' – but conceded that it would have been "difficult" to implement it in his latest blockbuster.

Miller said: "I mean basically, we're following someone from the age of 10 to 26, 28, something like that. It would have been difficult."

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