Greta Gerwig inspired Emily Blunt's director character in 'The Fall Guy'.

Greta Gerwig inspired Emily Blunt's Fall Guy character

Greta Gerwig inspired Emily Blunt's Fall Guy character

In the upcoming action-comedy, Blunt plays film director, Jody Moreno, and revealed she turned to 'Barbie' filmmaker Greta for inspiration.

Emily told Total Film: "With the warmth and the charm, I guess there’s a little Greta in there. She was a mix of a few other people I’d met and pulled from.”

Jody was originally in a make-up artist in the first draft but director David Leitch and his wife and producing partner Kelly McCormick decided to make her a filmmaker in order to give the movie more depth.

Kelly said: "Emily's role was a make-up artist when we sold it, and we converted it to first-time directing right before we gave her a very rough draft. It made it feel like [the character] had more pressure on her."

Emily added. "We all kind of built her together, because I think, maybe in the original script, she was quite severe, and that sort of tough director. But I think, for me, it's always more interesting to play someone who's in a situation where they're way over their head."

In 'The Fall Guy', Ryan Gosling plays stuntman Colt Seavers and previously revealed he was shocked when director Steven Spielberg praised the film.

Ryan told Variety: “I saw Steven Spielberg walking in my direction.

“I don’t know Steven Spielberg. I thought there’s no way he’s coming to talk to me. And yet he kept getting closer, and then I thought I know what’s going to happen. I’m going to point to him, and he’s going to go, ‘Not you, behind you,’ so I’m not going to do that. Finally, I said, ‘Me?’ and he goes, 'Yeah you.’ I go, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t think you were coming to talk to me.’ And I stood up and he gave me a hug and said, ‘I just saw Fall Guy and I loved it.'”

Gosling added: “As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter anymore what happens.

“Steven Spielberg liked it. That was an all-time moment for me. I’m really excited for people to see it. I think it’s a really special movie.”