Matthew Vaughn wants to "reboot" 'Star Wars' for a new generation.

Matthew Vaughn wants to remake Star Wars

Matthew Vaughn wants to remake Star Wars

The 'X-Men: First Class' filmmaker would love to take the reins on a film in the franchise and admitted he loves the idea of taking the series' most familiar characters and creating his own version of the story for a modern audience.

Speaking on the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast, he said: “I would say, for me, doing a 'Star Wars' movie is to play with the characters I loved.

“So if they said to me, ‘Do you want to reboot 'Star Wars' and actually have Luke Skywalker, Solo, and Vader, and you do your version of it,’ everyone would say, ‘You’re an idiot to try,’ but that would excite me.

“Why not [reboot]? Bond, do you mind Bond? I mean, you asked me who’s going to play the next Wolverine. Why are these ['Star Wars'] characters so hallowed that from ’77, you can’t redo it for a new audience?”

Matthew believes moving away from the original characters in later spin-off projects has been a misstep for the franchise.

He said: “'Star Wars' is the Skywalker family, and that’s where I think they’ve gone wrong. They’ve done brilliantly in the TV [shows on Disney+], but it needs an epic new film, and that’s what I would do.

“Everyone’s going to go bats*** crazy, but let’s bring it on, because if you want a new generation, make the movie for them. The old generation can hopefully make it well enough that they go, ‘Okay, I’m enjoying it.'”

The 52-year-old director also revealed he and comic book writer Mark Millar had pitched a "three-picture trilogy" on Superman to Warner Bros.

He said: “We pitched how to do a trilogy of Superman movies. Warners wasn’t interested. That’s as far as it went. Never came back around."

The trilogy would have been inspired by Richard Donner's films featuring the character.

Matthew added: “I think Donner nailed it.

"I think 'Wonder Woman' worked very well because it was basically a Donner Superman film, but reimagined as Wonder Woman. I would’ve done a modern version of the Donner [films].”

“Our big idea was the twist that Krypton doesn’t blow up. It does eventually. The dad was right, he just got his timing wrong. So when Superman’s grown up, suddenly there’s a mass exodus and then all hell breaks loose, and that was our idea.”

His main villains would have been "Zod and Brainiac, basically", as well as Lex Luthor "until Krypton explodes".

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