Michael Cera has two movies he plans to direct in the pipeline.

Michael Cera is moving behind the camera

Michael Cera is moving behind the camera

The 35-year-old actor has penned a script with his 'Christmas Eve in Miller’s Point' director Tyler Taormina and his fellow producer on the project, co-writer Eric Berger, for a picture called 'Gummy', but before he can start work on that, there's something else he's hoping to make first.

He told Deadline: "[We've written a film] that we’re trying to make that I’ll be directing, that we’ve been pushing along, and are going to hopefully push over the finish line, but we’re kind of in the middle of that. So we just started this team.

"I mean, basically I kind of glommed onto their existing team, and we all are just having a really good collaborative feeling.

“It’s a movie that I’ve been excited about for a long time, and well, it’s kind of a family story with a sort of mystery element, too, with a somewhat science-fictional thread throughout it.

"We’ve been pushing it along, and I’ve been trying to get it going as my first film, but I think I might make a different film before then, actually now, hopefully if everything comes together, which will hopefully just make things easier for the other one, because it’s challenging getting things made.”

'Gummy' is with “Ari Aster’s company, Square Peg, who are producing it" but last year's Hollywood strikes delayed its development, meaning Michael's second, currently untitled, project will get made first.

He said: “So then the writers strike and the actors strike kind of put a bit of a dent in our momentum, because it was right around the time we were about to go out looking for financing.

"But then it ended up being kind of a good thing, because in the meantime, I had this other project that I’ve developed, that I think is just kind of easier to get made.

"So I’m going to try and push that along, and then try and make the other one a huge success off the first one.”

The 'Superbad' star didn't want to share many details about the other movie, other than to say it is "contemporary".

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