Richard Linklater has backed Glen Powell to change the face of Hollywood.

Richard Linklater was seriously impressed by Glen Powell on Hit Man

Richard Linklater was seriously impressed by Glen Powell on Hit Man

The 63-year-old director has worked with the 'Top Gun: Maverick' actor on the action movie 'Hit Man' and thinks the star's "focus and determination" are assets for the film industry.

Speaking to Collider, Richard said: "I was so impressed with Glen's focus and determination. He's just such a great creative partner. He's so funny, he's smart, he's a good guy. Like any movie star.

"What makes a movie star? Someone you kind of want to be around. Glen, I like being around him. For all those reasons, he's just a great guy."

Powell had to put several personas on to the screen for his role in 'Hit Man' and Linklater believes that the ability can make all the difference on a film project.

The 'Dazed and Confused' director said: "I always say if actors are more picky, if they really raise the bar into, like, adult filmmaking, or take on complex and good characters, you can have an effect.

"If Leonardo DiCaprio wants to do a movie, it might more likely happen than not. If Glen can be in that category, that's good. That's where good movies come from."

Richard has been directing for over 30 years and explained that 'Hit Man' was one of the hardest projects of his career because of the "meticulous" plotting that was required.

He said: "The thing was so intricate. It was so plot-y. A little different for me. It was just how to paint these characters in a corner and get out of it. It was like a little trap, like Agatha Christie.

"Usually, I don't do things so meticulously plotted, but to be effective, if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it, and it's gonna hopefully work. It was fun."