Ryan Reynolds wasn’t going to make ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ without Shawn Levy.

Ryan Reynolds wasn’t going to make Deadpool and Wolverine without Shawn Levy

Ryan Reynolds wasn’t going to make Deadpool and Wolverine without Shawn Levy

After the 47-year-old actor worked with filmmaker, 55, on ‘Free Guy’ (2021) and ’The Adam Project’ (2022), Ryan decided he would only work on a third Marvel flick - which also stars 55-year-old Hugh Jackman as the iconic mutant superhero - if Shawn was behind the camera.

Speaking to Deadline, the director said: “Hugh, in like 2011, Hugh said, ‘You know, if you ever meet Ryan Reynolds and work with him, you're never going to stop.’ He said that over a decade ago.

“And it took several years before I met Ryan, but the first time we met to talk about ‘Free Guy’, it was clear that we'd both had successful careers, but we were meeting in the right moment.

“We're old enough to know a really good thing when we stumble into it and not let go.

“And ‘Free Guy’ led into ‘The Adam Project’. It was on the set of ‘Adam Project’ that Ryan told me he only wanted to do ‘Deadpool’ 3 if I directed it.

“And I remember him going, ‘I know, I know, you're going to say no’, and I'm like, ’I'm not gonna say no. I'm definitely saying yes!’”

Shawn also admitted he didn't know that Hugh would be returning as the Wolverine when he first signed on to direct the picture.

He explained: “And that was before I knew we would get the greatest gift imaginable for a Deadpool movie, which is Hugh Jackman saying, ‘I'm in. I want in.’

“And when it became ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’, it became a whole different story, and the majesty of the movie, the fun of the movie, the story potential of the movie changed completely.

“Because then it becomes a descendent of the great buddy, at each other's throats, shoved together through circumstance genre.”