Simon Kinberg is in talks to produce a 'Star Trek' prequel.

Simon Kinberg could be involved in the upcoming Star Trek prequel

Simon Kinberg could be involved in the upcoming Star Trek prequel

The 50-year-old filmmaker could board the movie that is already in active development in a role that may see him taking creative responsibilities on other film projects in the famous sci-fi franchise.

Simon would join a prequel that has Toby Haynes attached to direct and Seth Grahame-Smith writing the script.

It is said that the picture will take place several decades prior to the events of J.J. Abrams' trilogy that started back in 2009 and it will involve the creation of the Starfleet and humanity's first contact with alien life.

Abrams is still involved on the film as a producer and Paramount Pictures are hoping to release the project in 2025.

No 'Star Trek' movie has been released since 'Star Trek Beyond' back in 2016 and Chris Pine – who played Captain James T. Kirk – admits that he is none the wiser about the project after being surprised to hear that 'The Flight Attendant' creator Steve Yockey had been tapped to write the screenplay.

Chris told Business Insider: "I honestly don't know.

"There was something in the news of a new writer coming on board. I thought there was already a script, but I guess I was wrong, or they decided to pivot. As it's always been with 'Trek', I just wait and see."

The fourth 'Star Trek' film has been on hold for several years but Roddenberry Entertainment boss Trevor Roth promised recently that a new movie will be released in the "very near future".

He told Screen Rant: "I am not able to say much, but I can say that it is Paramount's intent to figure out the 'Star Trek' side of movies and what's going on there. There's every intent of a new movie coming out in the very near future.

"There's a lot of secrecy around what's going to happen there. But there is a plan getting into place. And we're very excited to see it return to the big screen."