Sterling K. Brown has predicted he'll lose out on an Oscar to Robert Downey Jr.

Sterling K. Brown is convinced he won't be winning an Oscar

Sterling K. Brown is convinced he won't be winning an Oscar

He's nominated for the Best Supporting Actor gong for his role in 'American Fiction' and will be going up against Downey Jr. for 'Oppenheimer' as well as Mark Ruffalo ('Poor Things'), Robert De Niro ('Killers of the Flower Moon') and Ryan Gosling ('Barbie') but Sterling is convinced he doesn't have a shot at landing the big prize.

During an appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show', he insisting he's "totally fine with it", adding: "There’s no losing yet. It will happen in its own due time."

He was on the show alongside fellow Oscar nominee Colman Domingo - who is competing in the Best Actor category for his performance in 'Rustin' - and Sterling predicted Colman will be victorious.

He said: "Colman will probably win," Brown added. "I know that I’m not going to win."

Sterling added that his own Oscar chances are slim because Downey Jr. gave such a good performance in 'Oppenheimer', explaining: "I’mma tell you, Robert Downey Jr.‘s gonna win, and he’s incredibly deserving.

"He’s an incredible actor. Like, you should give him love. The fact that I get a chance to be nominated along with him and Mr. [Robert] De Niro and Ryan Gosling and [Mark] Ruffalo … I’m just happy to be in the room."

Sterling previously expressed his feelings about the nomination in an emotional Instagram video, In the clip, he said: "I didn’t know how else to respond to share my gratitude.

"I want [to say] thank you to the Academy. For somebody who’s been watching the Oscars their whole life, I’ve never been. I’ve had a few things that have been in contention or whatnot, but this will be my first time actually going to the party. and it’s an honour to get the invite."

The 96th Academy Awards take place on Sunday, March 10.