2022 is shaping up to be a great year for cinema, with not only superhero movies and action-adventures coming out, but some brilliant animated movies making their way to the big screen. 

Recently, a second trailer was released for brand new Universal Pictures movie, The Bad Guys, who decide to live on the side of good, rather than villainous. 

The Bad Guys are a well-known team of thieves that consist of a charming pickpocket named Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell), skilled safecracker by the name of Mr. Snake (Marc Maron), short-tempered Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos), expert hacker Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina), and the master of disguise, Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson). 

However, after years of successful heists and being some of the world’s most wanted baddies, the gang is finally captured. Mr. Wolf attempts to make a deal, that he doesn’t intend to stick to, that will save them from prison: The Bad Guys are going good. 

The team, under the instruction of their new mentor, Professor Marmalade (Richard Ayoade), The Bad Guys embark on their mission to fool everyone and make them believe that they really are the good guys. 

Will The Bad Guys stay villains? / Picture Credit: Universal Pictures
Will The Bad Guys stay villains? / Picture Credit: Universal Pictures

Despite his bad guy persona, the group’s new journey leads Mr. Wolf to believe that being a good guy may give him what he’s always wanted in life: acceptance. 

The new trailer for The Bad Guys introduces audiences to the mismatched team of animals, from the giant Mr. Shark to the much smaller Ms. Tarantula; each member has their own unique skill set, but Mr. Shark’s ‘disguises’ may be more hilarious than useful. 

We also see the crew struggle with their newfound ‘goodness’, as something as simple as saving an adorable cat stuck in a tree proves to be a somewhat difficult challenge. 

After being called a “good boy” by an old lady, Mr. Wolf feels accepted and perhaps even loved for the first time in his life, so maybe, just maybe, going good will grant him more of this wonderful feeling. 

The Bad Guys will land in cinemas on April 1st, 2022. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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