Paul Dano stars as the Riddler in new DC movie The Batman / Picture Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Paul Dano stars as the Riddler in new DC movie The Batman / Picture Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

DC fans have been chomping at the bit to get in cinema seats and check out the brand new universe being set up in The Batman, starring Twilight actor Robert Pattinson in the titular role.

Though the crime-fighting vigilante will be the focal point and reason that many go to the movie theater to check out the film, there are also countless comic book fans who are looking forward to seeing what actor Paul Dano brings to his role as primary villain, the Riddler.

Whilst those who know the Riddler are used to seeing him in bright green clothes, with an overexcited personality and character traits that see him suck up all the oxygen in the room, it's clear that this take on the Big Bad is going to be utterly unique.

Speaking with Toronto Sun, director Matt Reeves gave a little bit of information as to what audiences should expect: "So it would be a version of the Riddler like you’ve never seen before. I think that Paul is so scary in the film, but you have empathy for him, too. You start to see how he arrives at this place. I think what he does with it is really special. I’m so excited for people to see it."

Allowing Dano to bring a sense of realism to the character is likely the right choice. It grounds the film as a whole and will have audiences questioning exactly where their morality lies, rather than simply splitting the narrative right down the middle as a fight between 'good' and 'evil'.

From what we've seen in the trailers leading up to the movie's release, it appears as though the Riddler will of course be asking the Dark Knight to crack some of his codes and earn his title of the World's Greatest Detective.

Pattinson is playing a Batman just a couple of years into his stint as the Caped Crusader, so it's going to be a challenge as he figures out to navigate Gotham whilst battling against such a smart adversary. With Colin Farrell's Penguin also lurking in the city's shadows and Bruce Wayne's relationship with family butler Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis) fractured, there's a steep learning curve ahead.

The Batman hits cinemas across the UK on Friday, March 4th, 2022.

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