Prepare to pay the Piper in a fear-inducing new horror starring Elizabeth Hurley. This wickedly creepy fantasy from Anthony Waller (Mute Witness) tells a terrifying tale of children paying for the sins of their parents.

The Piper

The Piper

The film is set for its world premiere at the seminal FrightFest 2023, on 27th August from 101 Films.

Liz (Hurley) and her daughter Amy (Mia Jenkins) have relocated to a small town in Germany, but as they settle into their new life things start to take a dark turn… a local girl dies in horrifying circumstances and there are sinister events abound.

A dark secret from Liz's past has awoken the Piper, an evil entity from beyond who seeks redemption by taking the children of any parent who has done wrong… and Mia is in grave danger.

When Amy meets the kind and mysterious, Luca (Jack Stewart), could he be the key to saving her from the Piper’s clutches?

For a twisted take on a children’s legend that’s a parent’s worst nightmare let the Piper play on.

Piper World Premiere at FrightFest 27 August 2023 a general release will follow from 101 Films

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