Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

There's nothing I like more than seeing pre-fame videos of Lady GaGa - before she adopted all this clap-trap make up, crazyface outfits and generally bonkers behaviour, so today is a good day.

Here we have a video of GaGa - or should that be Stefani Germanotta  as part of a campaign called 'Real People - Sexual Harassment: What You Can Do!' Brilliant.

But seriously, what a difference the whole million-dollar make-over made for Stef, I've gotta say, she looks a load better these days (although I'm sure my nan would disagree)

Okay, so she may not have any lines in the video clip, but she plays the girl who is being harassed…. as she walks out of the classroom she's grabbed by a touchy-feely male student as his pervy pals cheer him on. And then she gets mad... So mad, in fact, that he's eventually forced to hang his head in shame... Brilliant.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison

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