AJ Wander is a true wonder behind the piano!
AJ Wander is a true wonder behind the piano!

In this strange new world, we've never needed music more. For many throughout lockdown, it has provided a lifeline, as we find solace in the harmonies of others.

When we hard London-based singer-songwriter AJ Wander perform his debut single Time Out for the first time, we knew that he was somebody destined to help fill that void for people in what is, for many, the strangest year of our lives. Now, we’re able to share that performance with you all, as part of an exclusive collaboration with AJ, especially for Female First.

Speaking about the track, AJ said: "I wrote Time Out whilst reeling from the breakup with my first love. The day I wrote it was the first time I realised our split was inevitable; I had to let her go as she needed time to explore outside of the world we'd created together. 

”This is the closest I've been to performing this song live for an audience so I'm very excited to get to share this moment with you. It's a little bittersweet as I'd love nothing more than to be able to be in the same room as my audience, but I'll just have to imagine them for now whilst we wait for this damn pandemic to pass."

Before madness struck the world and time stood still, AJ travelled to Barcelona with producer Brad Mair (Jamie Cullum, Kygo) to record several tracks, many of which will be featured on his debut EP, planned for release in mid-2021. Time Out is just the first slice of what to expect, setting the bar high for everything that’s still to come.

AJ Wander's debut single Time Out is available now
AJ Wander's debut single Time Out is available now

Lockdown has been tough for people in the entertainment industry, and AJ was no different. "Even though I knew my passion was my own music, I got sidetracked as I needed to pay the rent," he explains.

Now, with a vaccine in sight and some sense of normalcy predicted by Easter 2021, he’s excited to get back to doing what he does best; performing for audiences and showcasing his talent.

Time Out is available everywhere now, and you can keep up with AJ on Instagram (@AJWander), Facebook (facebook.com/AJWanderOfficial), Twitter (@AJ_Wander) and TikTok (@AJWander).

Also keep a close eye on his official website ajwander.com for future announcements and plans.

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