Audra Santa chats with Female First
Audra Santa chats with Female First

Following the release of her brilliant new single Naked, and the premiere of the accompanying music video, we caught up with Canadian musician Audra Santa.

Speaking about the track, she reveals: "Naked was written in secret in my bedroom. A night alone with a bassline and bottle of wine, I expressed myself in a way I never had before. The song is about how tangible sound can be when coupled with desire."

With the world in limbo, we asked Audra to give us her top eight pastimes in lockdown. Here's what she had to say...

1. Meditation

I've been into meditation for a few years but developing a consistent practice was always a challenge. The lockdown enabled me to build meditation into my daily routine most mornings and evenings. Since I can't travel anywhere physically right now, I might as well go somewhere in my mind!  

2. Video editing

The lockdown happened just as I was about to sit with an editor to work on my music video for 'Naked', so I had to learn how to do it myself! I spent countless hours editing but was able to make sure the final product met my vision as a director and producer. I brought in another editor to help me polish it at the end and learned so much.

3. Cooking

I never used to cook and Toronto has so many great restaurants so it was easy to eat out all the time.  The pandemic has forced me to learn how to cook. I also recently changed to a plant-based diet, which was very easy to do considering I didn't have to deal with social pressure at parties. 

4. Snake husbandry

I have a pet snake named Valkyrie (nicknamed Nessie) and I love her so much! I managed to keep the humidity just right in her enclosure during the pandemic so she has had two perfect sheds. She tends to shed her skin just as I'm releasing something in my life too.

5. Long conversations with my lover

We already talk for hours and hours. Being at home all the time just means we have hours and hours more. It's wonderful to be with someone I feel so mentally and emotionally engaged by. I have grown exponentially in the time I've known him.

6. Intimacy

Not sure what I'm allowed to write here, but if these were in order it would be my number one favourite pastime in lockdown.

7. Songwriting and music production

I've sat at the piano a lot and written pieces of songs and been dabbling in working with Ableton. I have natural ebbs and flows with my creativity and right now I'm in a bit of a creative cocoon.  I'm excited to see what comes out after The Boudoir Project.

8. Intuitive readings

I went through a major spiritual awakening over the last year and by slowing down the last few months I've learned to really tune in to the energies for other people. I started doing Intuitive Channelled Readings over Zoom, as well as mentoring others in developing their intuition or navigating their spiritual path. If anyone is into that, you can find that side of my life on instagram @ littlecopperlighthouse.

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