Boy George has worked his way into the hearts of the British public, whether that be through his iconic work with Culture Club or his recent time on the BBC's final series of The Voice UK as a mentor.

In a new interview with FAULT, he did admit he had cautions about joining the reality series, explaining: "I think my only reservation was how involved I would be with the people that I chose; whether I could have any kind of impact on what they did. And, to my surprise, it is very interactive. You can get involved as you want to."

He also opened up about how life has shaped his music, and the gender-playful musical landscape of the 1970s and 1980s.

"Everything that happens shapes you and influences what you do, but I don't tend to focus on the past. Why would I look back? Difficult things inform my writing but - if you want other people to move on - then you have to move on yourself... I try to live in the now - it's the only sensible time to live.

"I think most things are a reaction against society. The 70s were really grey: there were lots of strikes, lots of poverty, lots of things to react against. It was a bit of colour against all the misery that was happening in the 70s."

George also gave his blessing to Christine and The Queens: "The music they make is really beautiful. It's in French though, so it's a bit difficult to understand, but you don't really need to."

He added: "I've also been getting back into Kate Bush: recently I came home, laid on the floor and listened to 'Hounds of Love' in its entirety, and it was wonderful."

Looking ahead, he has a tour coming up in the summer with Culture Club, and says: "I'm also doing stuff on my own: I've got a tour with Cyndi Lauper in about a month on the East Coast of America. At the moment I'm trying to build my empire, so anything's possible."

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