To celebrate the recent release of his EP Serenity, out now across all download and streaming platforms, the brilliant HM Johnsen filmed us an exclusive video in lockdown, allowing us a glimpse into his life at home and his recording studio.

Check out the exclusive peek below:

Chatting more about Berlin, Johnsen explains: “I have never ever been so musically-productive and inspired in my life. I wrote the whole EP in two weeks! I was so inspired by the city, the culture, the free-spirit people in Berlin... just everything was inspiring."

Speaking about the new EP, he says: "I feel that I have gained a lot of personality and experience writing and living out the process of this EP.”

Johnsen continues: “"The inspiration for this EP is from my generalised view on our modern world and comprises of a modern form of jazz and rock and underneath, a main genre of pop.”

Now confident in his identity as an artist, we’re expecting major things from Johnsen in the coming months and years!

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