With their new single Awake out now via digital platforms, Kay Fuego x Astro are celebrating the release with an exclusive feature for Female First. Not only letting us in on some of the things they’d like all of their fans to know about them, they also open up about those artists who have helped shape their career, and who inspire them every day.

Kay Fuego x Astro's 7 'artists that made me'

1. [Kay Fuego] Big L - One of the greatest rappers of all time, Big L was truly one-of-a-kind! His rhyming schemes and ability to change flows was incredible - it’s just a shame we didn’t get to see his true potential as he was taken away from us so early on in his career.

2.  [Astro] Fela Kuti - This musician influenced me because of his unorthodox attitude to the art and to many others areas in his life. In his musical career, he possessed maestro abilities in communicating his craft and was persistent in making sure he left a change in the musical world. Till this day Fela still influences artists in Africa and around the world.

3.[Kay Fuego] Young Thug - Young Thug is a legendary artist whether you like it or not! The controversy behind his persona and fashion choices made his popularity just skyrocket in such a short amount of time... he made it cool for rappers to just be themselves instead of conforming to how rappers are ‘meant to be' or 'meant to look.’

4. [Astro] Lord Finesse - In my opinion, one of the greatest rappers/producers in the hip hop scene in the 80-90s. He was a mentor to the likes of Big L and other great rappers in New York on the come-up. He was the leader of DITC ‘Diggin’ In The Crates’ has produced some of the best beats for some of the best classics that came out of the 90s such as Notorious B.I.G - Suicidal Thoughts.

5.[Kay Fuego] Slipknot - Growing up I was just as much interested in Rock and Heavy Metal music as I was into Hip-Hop, so it’s only right to mention Slipknot as one of my very favourites! The fact that there was nine members and yet their music was never too hectic to listen to and how all the instruments came together perfectly always seemed to amaze me. I love all the masks and costumes and the fact that even though they would be super uncomfortable - they would perform onstage with all the energy in the world!

6. [Astro] Notorious B.I.G - One of the greatest rappers to ever bless the Hip-Hop/Rap scene. His flows and use of poetry in his music has separated him from most rappers to being the best and he is respected an as innovator to a lot of styles that today’s rappers use to express their art.

7. [Kay Fuego] Famous Dex - Being a more recent artist to come out, Famous Dex was a big influence into me getting into actually being an artist myself. His style and energy and the fact he would just be having fun in every song and would be ‘turning up’ with his friends made me love his early music, and I watched him literally go from nothing to something in only a couple of months.

15 things Kay Fuego x Astro want YOU to know about THEM!

1. [Astro] We love playing basketball, if it wasn’t music we both immersed ourselves in, we would be working hard to make something great out of basketball.

2.  [Kay Fuego] We also love fashion - even in secondary school we would make sure we would have the best ‘swag’ on non-school uniform day! We also have friends involved in the industry too and plan on venturing into that world.

3.  [Astro] We don’t watch TV but we read books.

4. [Kay Fuego] The first song we made was in our friends university dorm using a homemade studio setup.

5.  [Astro] Me and Kay always share music that we find interesting or inspiring with each other, whether it be extremely old or very recent.

6. [Kay Fuego] So far, we have engineered the majority of our music ourselves - which we learnt only through watching YouTube tutorials!

7.  [Kay Fuego] I went to university for a year before deciding it just wasn’t what I wanted for myself.

8. [Astro] I lived in Nigeria for one year - it taught me a lot.

9.[Kay Fuego] My favourite show is Rick and Morty!

10. [Astro] I studied Law in university for two years.

11. [Kay Fuego] When I was younger I played the electric guitar had an electronic drum kit, I definitely can’t remember how to play the guitar though!

12. [Astro] I played the saxophone and piano in my teens, i’m still very interested in mastering these instruments.

13. [Kay Fuego] I used to be a football-fanatic in primary school, but literally lost complete interest when Thierry Henry left Arsenal!

14. [Astro] I like singing, sometimes i find my melody for the track before even writing lyrics.

15. [Astro] I like runway shows and plan to attend different fashion weeks all this year!

Kay Fuego x Astro's single Awake is out now via digital platforms.

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