Whilst most of us here in the UK were still sleeping, Lady Gaga released her highly-anticipated first solo single Stupid Love from her upcoming sixth studio album, and it’s an ethereal and infectious pop banger that proves the critically-acclaimed artist still has plenty to offer despite being 12 years deep into her (mainstream) career.

We’ve seen Gaga evolve from the classic punk-esque pop chick we were introduced to through debut single Just Dance, into an experimental artist that took chances with ARTPOP, before stripping bare and delivering her biggest surprise with the emotional collection of music she named after her late aunt, Joanne. With the start of a new decade however, Gaga is going back to her classic pop roots, delivering a much-needed injection of bubble gum pop to the charts.

In recent years, it’s felt almost as if musicians have forgotten how to have a little fun with their material. Everything is incredibly serious and it’s meant that audiences haven’t been allowed the usual escape from their everyday lives in that music. Gaga is back to change all of that: she knows that her Little Monsters need her more than ever before, and she’s fulfilling her duty in perfect fashion (both figuratively and literally).

This hypnotic dance hit is one that’s going to be remembered for some time. It’s going to be lip-synced by drag queens and blasted out of speakers across the globe. As a pop experience unlike any other in recent memory, it’s a fresh new chapter for Gaga who has spent the past few years proving to her naysayers that she is one of the most talented artists and performers of our generation.

Photo Credit: @ladygaga on Instagram
Photo Credit: @ladygaga on Instagram

The meaning behind Stupid Love? It’s completely open to interpretation. Gaga has been through countless struggles throughout her career, whether that be with her health and having to cancel the shows she so dearly wants to partake in; or in her personal life. We’ve seen her talk about all of this and more in her Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, so there’s every chance Stupid Love is a further exploration of all she has faced.

It could of course now be taking on a unique meaning that Gaga didn’t even intend when first creating the song. She’s a musician who clearly has Stupid Love for her fans, who recklessly shared the leak of the track without consent a full month before official release. If that’s not dedication to the cause and proof that her love for her Little Monsters is unconditional, then nothing is.

Now, as we wait for further news on her upcoming album – rumoured to be titled Chromatica – as well as the inevitable promotional tour, talk will turn towards just how Gaga’s going to deliver a spectacle that will impress the hundreds of thousands set to go and see her. The superhero, Power Rangers vibe is likely something we’ll see continue to be embraced, but this is a Lady known to surprise. She could have plenty more tricks up her sleeve, and I for one can’t wait to see them.

Lady Gaga’s Stupid Love is available to digitally download and stream now.

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