Lauren Murray has had quite the journey since her time on The X Factor. Now back on the music scene with her fantastic debut EP Worth It, we asked the star to put together 15 points all about her that she'd like her fans - old and new - to know about her. Here's what she had to reveal...

Lauren Murray reveals some interesting facts for fans!

Lauren Murray reveals some interesting facts for fans!

  1. I'm quite short... I’m 5ft2!
  2. I eat most things with ketchup.
  3. I don’t have any pets but I really want a dog.
  4. I'm really good at doing other people's accents.
  5. I'm a really messy person!
  6. My first X Factor audition has over 12.5 million views!
  7. I hate sports! I think its a hand/eye co-ordination type of thing.
  8. One of my dreams is to have a top 10 single.
  9. I have one sister: her name is Ashleigh.
  10. I have a phobia of tins. I know this is weird.
  11. My favourite colour is pink.
  12. My idol is Whitney Houston. Forever!
  13. I would love to learn another language; maybe something like Spanish!
  14. It took me eight times to pass my driving test! OMG!
  15. My EP Worth It with five original tracks is OUT NOW!

Speaking about the EP's release, Lauren said: "I actually can’t put into words how excited I am to finally release my first EP into the world. To think that my songs, my music, my lyrics will be out there as an artist is the best feeling ever. I am sure many of you that have been with me from the beginning will know how long I have waited for this moment, and I hope you all know how much I appreciate all the patience you’ve had with me on this crazy, crazy ride. It’s true what they say hard work pays off, and I hope you all love my music just as much as I do."

Lauren Murray's new EP Worth It is out now - listen to the collection above!

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