Having supported Boyzone across their UK tour a little earlier this year, and celebrating the recent release of her breakout single Worth It, singer-songwriter LUENA has already proven just what a force she can be in the music industry. Here, she writes an exclusive diary from her night supporting Boyzone at Wembley...

11am: It’s been an absolutely crazy ride touring with Boyzone, but in a SICK way! Today I’m going to be performing at The SSE Arena, Wembley. This is the place that everything started for me and I discovered my passion for music. Looking back at everything I’ve achieved over the last few years chasing my dream makes me feel emotional and I actually can’t believe how my life has turned out! I’m literally on tour supporting Boyzone, and am about to perform at Wembley Arena as an artist myself! It’s crazy. I feel a bit nervous but really excited

4pm: I’ve just been walking around checking out the arena and it’s absolutely MASSIVE! It’s so weird being back here. The last time I was here I was 16, and I’m a little older and a little wiser now. So buzzing to get on stage, currently sitting in our dressing room and I know that the little LUENA would be so proud, impressed and happy about where I am now. I really hope that one day I’ll be back here on a tour of my own! Fingers crossed!

8pm: I just got off stage and I’m absolutely buzzin’! The crowd was incredible and vibey, and at the last minute I was given a surprise! I really wanted my mum and sister to come and see me perform at Wembley, but they said they couldn’t make it. I was sad about it but just before stage time, they rang me and said they were always going to be coming but they were keeping it a secret!! It was amazing to perform whilst knowing they were there, and it was an awesome show!!

It’s been beyond amazing being on tour with Boyzone and travelling around the country meeting countless new people. Experiencing what it’s like to play an arena every night is crazy! It’s definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Check out LUENA's brilliant single Worth It below: