Naomi Banks opens up for Female First readers
Naomi Banks opens up for Female First readers

Following the release of her brilliant five-track debut EP Deja Vu, we asked Naomi Banks to open up a little bit about some of the artists of the past who have helped shape her career, style and sound! Here, she gives us the seven artists who have made her:

Hiatus Kaiyote: Hands down my favourite band. I love the chord progressions, the lyrics are magical, the production is banging. They are an absolute gift.

Amy Winehouse: I adore everything about this woman but above all her honesty. She did not give a s***. She sings so effortlessly and portrays her thoughts through poetry like no one I’ve ever heard. 

Clean Bandit: I think Clean Bandit are the most musically interesting group in the charts. They combine such broad influences with poppy top lines and always make it work perfectly. 

Beach House: These guys transport you to a different time and a very different place. Their music is uplifting with such a constant darkness. You never know quite how to feel when you listen to them and that’s part of their beauty.

Portishead: I was quite late in discovering this band and when I did, I didn’t listen to anything else for months! The elegance and desperation in her voice alongside the incredibly sexy production is the perfect combination. 

Lambert, Hendricks and Ross: Three phenomenal vocalists with so much charisma. They write some crazy stories! I used to perform their music when I was a jazz singer and I always loved learning their lyrics.

The Carpenters: I find their lives and personalities as fascinating as their music. They are both incredible musicians, but Karen Carpenter... that voice! She was pure gold and I fell in love with it the moment I heard her.

Naomi is set to play two intimate shows in London in 2019. She'll play at St Pancras Old Church on January 24, and at The Waiting Room on March 13. Tickets and more info is available via Dice: