Following the release of his new single Summer Vibe, we got Natty Rico to fill out 15 things he'd like his fans - both old and new - to know about him! Here's what he had to reveal...

Natty Rico's new single Summer Vibe is out now

Natty Rico's new single Summer Vibe is out now

  1. I love to listen to Winelight by Grover Washington Jr.
  2. When I wake up the morning, my cat is always on my bed.
  3. American girls love my French accent when I speak English, but French girls hate it!
  4. I’m obsessed with Filet Mignon.
  5. When I want to sleep early, I always have inspiration to compose.
  6. I love my BMW Convertible under Californian weather.
  7. Everybody loves when I play sax, expect my neighbours...
  8. I love to eat cookies while watching a movie, but I hate hitching because of the crumbs.
  9. I have made my best songs in two hours.
  10. Sometimes I spend days in the studio on one song that I will finally put in the trash.
  11. I’m shy in life but I’m crazy on stage.
  12. Most of the time I snooze my alarm when I need to wake up.
  13. I think saxophone makes women melt.
  14. I love to spend time watching the Moon.
  15. I always hear music out of every noise around me.

Though we're now at the start of Autumn, Natty refuses to let the Summer go, and will ensure all of those who listen to his new track do the same! Inspired by driving in perfect Californian weather, he heard the melody of a "summer vibe" in his head, but decided something was missing. When he went back home to Corsica, he played the track on the beach and decided adding some sax would be the best way forward. Thus, Summer Vibe was born!

Summer Vibe is out now, available for streaming and download.

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