There are just a few days to go until we'll be celebrating a whole new year, and with those 12 months we have lots of hopes and dreams. Some of course are more important than others, but what we're focusing on today is the world of music!

There are a whole bunch of talented artists who haven't released music for some time, so we're jumping right into that and have put together a list of seven artists we hope make a comeback in 2019...

7) Rihanna

Rihanna has already confirmed that she'll be dropping a new album in 2019, so her inclusion in this list is simply down to the hope that she sticks to her guns and releases the record before the next 12 months are up!

Delays are common in this business, but Rihanna has in the past suffered numerous pushbacks of her most-recent studio record Anti (2016). Hopefully, that won't be the case here, and we'll be dancing around the office to some more of her smooth and infectious vocals before the next year is out.

6) Adele

Back in 2015, Adele released her third studio album under the title 25. Now, we know it's unlikely she'll drop another record until she turns 30 just so she can keep up the aesthetic of using 'important' ages to name her collections, but perhaps it's time she did away with the whole numbering thing and came up with something else entirely.

Adele has one of the most recognisable and endearing voices the music industry, and indeed the world has ever heard. She's sure to sell millions of copies of whatever collection she decides to put out next and whilst we'd never want to rush her, we're craving some new material like never before!

5) Outkast

This one's a longshot as the duo haven't released a studio album in over a decade (2006 with their brilliant record Idlewild), but stranger things have happened!

Wouldn't it be great to wake up to the news one day that André 3000 and Big Boi have put their rumoured feuds aside, and put their minds together once more to boil up some more of the greatest hip-hop tunes of our generation?

Somebody start a petition; let's get this one off the ground.

4) Katy Perry

It was in mid-2017 that Katy Perry dropped her latest studio album Witness, but the record failed to light a fire in the belly of critics and fans. It was undoubtedly her least exciting collection to-date, and so we hope she's been working hard on some new material so she can showcase exactly why she's one of the most exciting pop artists the modern world has ever seen.

Katy has an incredible knack of putting out songs which are catchy, long-lasting and utter earworms, so we can't help but imagine she's been cooking up some exciting new tunes in the studio following the conclusion of her world tour earlier this year. Bring it on.

Perhaps she could even join the Spice Girls on their 2019 tour?

3) Madonna

The Queen of Pop last graced us with a catalogue of new material in 2015 with Rebel Heart, and we would love if she showed us once more exactly why she's been sat atop the music throne for so long with a collection of unique pop tracks!

Once new music does drop, she's due a triumphant return to the BRIT Awards following her tumble down a small set of steps in 2015. Like the legend she is, she got straight back up after the fall and continued to perform Living For Love, proving she's more than capable of making a brilliant comeback.

2) Adam Lambert

Following the release of his album The Original High in 2015, Adam Lambert has continued to work closely with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen, lending his vocals to their iconic songs and touring with the band across the globe. He's proved to be a major hit with fans thanks to his acceptance of never wanting to impersonate the late Freddie Mercury, but simply honour him with his performances.

Now though, we're hungry for more solo material. Adam has proved time and again that his voice is one that should be celebrated, so let's hope we get to hear more of it in the near future!

1) Lady Gaga

Following on from the release of her latest album Joanne in 2016, the huge success of her Super Bowl Halftime performance in 2017 and the incredible acting and singing we saw in Bradley Cooper's directorial debut A Star is Born, we hope Gaga will be celebrating the next year with an all-new record.

She's currently busy at work on preparing her Las Vegas residency shows, which will be a mixture of both jazz engagements and all-out pop extravaganzas, and so what better way to treat the guests to those nights than with some new music?

Gaga is one of those artists who can lend her voice to a multitude of genres, or blend them together, and still sound like a leader in her field. She's broken down a number of barriers for herself and minorities in the past, and shows no sign of slowing. She is without a doubt one of the most talented people on the planet.

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