Celebrating the recent release of his EP Surrender, Paul Wetz has taken a look back at the artists and musicians who have helped him shape his career. From Red Hot Chili Peppers to The XX, he's someone who has taken influence from a number of different places. Read on to find out who else has inspired this rising star...

Paul Wetz reveals who helped shape his career

Paul Wetz reveals who helped shape his career

1. Sena Sener: The Turkish singer was the first international musician that I was in contact with and we totally connected and created a song over the internet. When we met in person two years later she was the biggest push for me to focus on my singing and guitar playing.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: The first album that I ever purchased was By The Way by RHCP. I bought it when I was about eight and it is still my favorite album up to this date. The songwriting of Anthony Kiedis and the funky bass lines of Flee got me so excited that all I wanted to do was music.

3. Moderat: The Berlin-based trio really inspired me to find new synth sounds that stand out and create an atmosphere. The song Running completely blew my mind since they manage to use the weirdest sounds without me even noticing the first time, since it all is mixed so well together.

4. siimon: siimon is a German singer and producer who has a very unique indie sound and has many exciting releases coming up. He is a multi-genre talent who always pushed me to try new genres and develop in new directions. Despite his outstanding sound he is actually a medicine student and it is still a mystery to me how he can still make such good music.

5. Elderbrook: For me he is one of the few artists who managed to actually find a bridge between the mainstream audience and the underground dance scene. His latest releases are super catchy, but still deep and his songwriting takes you on a journey.

6. Durante: Durante is a house music magician with an incredible skill when it comes to finding a combination of groove and synth sounds. I have been listening to his music over and over again, trying to figure out how he makes certain grooves and sounds.

7. The XX: The trio touches me deeply with every song and inspires me to simplify guitar parts as well as merging them better with my productions. From them I go the idea to layer vocals deep and high just as the singers Romy and Oliver do it from The XX, this can give a song a lot more depth.

Paul Wetz's brilliant new EP Surrender is available now.

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