Singer/songwriter Senti hails from London and whilst she's entering the music scene as a new name, we already know she's somebody who's going to make an incredible name for herself. Recently releasing her debut single Not With Me, we asked Senti to open up a little about the artists who have inspired her work and more. Read on to find out what she had to reveal...

I Am Senti's seven 'artists that made me'

Madonna: The material girl gets anyone grooving! When you hear her songs you just know it’s Madonna; growing up, living and even now she still rocks. I think she’s an awesome inspiration for all of us; how she learned the game then changed the game. Her style, moves, grace and the ever-changing icon Madonna is just simply... Madonna.

Michael Jackson: Well where do I start? MJ, King of Pop - enough said! This man is simply a legend; will there be another? I don’t think so! When you hear Michael you just know it’s Michael. I remember being at a party and no-one was dancing then my uncle said to the DJ, "put some Michael on", and the next thing Billie Jean came on and everyone was rocking! Classic.

Enrique Iglesias: Love this man! That Latin hot-blooded señor does it for me! His style is just something, and when you see Enrique it’s passion. I love the Latin groove and flavour and here with Enrique you get it all; the emotion, the love and that hot-blooded Latin feel. He really does it in such a way which you know, just works. Does any woman not like Enrique when it comes to music?

Post Malone: Man that track is awesome, Rockstar, when Post dropped that I was like "OMG this is naughty!" Haha, sorry my expression of something that brilliant, the sound, the beat, the lyrics was like WHAM! In your face! Loved it! Post Malone is one of those that can hit you where it hurts. Post Malone tracks, when I am in one of those moods whether at the gym, in the car or just chilling he has a track that just therapeutic for the moment and works for me. Malone where you at? It's collaboration time! 

Selena Gomez: She just makes pop POP, however you see it I can’t help but just love the way she works the stage, camera and the music. When I see her I see me, and where I would love to be. Selena has that little something which you can’t quite put your finger on it but you know is there. 

Rita Ora: She is just that babe you see, hear about and want to know more about. Why so many things? I think she voices herself superbly in many ways by using her confidence, whether it be the photoshoots, fashion sense or the music, Rita just knows how to turn it up that little notch more.

Ariana Grande: It’s the voice simply! When I heard her do the impersonations [on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon] I was gobsmacked. She is great and to be blessed with that talent and powerful voice; she is a superhero. I think she will be rocking for a long time as she is so multi-talented; you can hear her changing with the times as she gets old. Let’s face it, if she can do Celine she could quite easily end up being a Celine one day... Grande meaning big!

Rihanna: Riri is just something else, from the moment she stepped on the scene she was another one of those artist that had something different unique and inspiring about themselves. The aura Rihanna commands is on another level; she’s been there done that smashed it and sold the t-shirt.

15 things I Am Senti wants YOU to know about HER!

1. I absolutely adore animals more than humans. I think they are so harmless and such beautiful creatures. I’m never lonely in my house because I always have my pets around me! They make me feel so alive. 

2. I downloaded this game called Wordscapes recently. I am addicted to it! You will be hooked on it if you play it once! 

3. I’m a real pampered pooch! I love pampering myself. My favourite thing to do is to get my nails done. It’s a weekly routine! Haha!

4. When it comes to food. I’m a real health freak. Am obsessed with raw vegan food! My favourite thing is Kale crisps. I munch on them if I want a snack. 

5. If I have one wish in the world, it would be that no animal is harmed and that no animal goes to sleep starving. Any one who hates animals does not have a soul. 

6. I love EastEnders! My favourite character is Jean! She always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh! Her acting is amazing. 

7. One of the things I have always hated is flying. I start getting sweaty palms from the date my ticket is booked! I am a scaredy cat.

8. You are going to be quite shocked with this, but I actually hate putting on makeup. Natural is always the best to be! I feel like I am in my element when I’m makeup free. 

9. I have OCD about my cats. I panic until they are all inside the house after they have been out for a wonder.

10. Sometimes as a naughty treat, I occasionally get these golden chocolate eclairs from this shop near me. They are amazing! One is never enough!

11. A shocking fact about me is I have to sleep with a fan on every single night! Even if it’s minus 20 degrees or else I cannot fall asleep! I know I am nuts. 

12. I love listening to James Arthur! His voice is just so soothing and unusual.

13. Even until this day I have still not mastered how to use a chopstick properly! How sad am I?!

14. One of the things I love to do is when I go to Tenerife, we love to drive up to the mountains and pick the pine cones from the nearby trees. I love decorating them! I keep them by my fireplace. They are so pretty! 

15. My motto is live and let live!

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